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Viewers are comparing Netflix's crazy new Bitcoin documentary to GTA 6

Viewers are comparing Netflix's crazy new Bitcoin documentary to GTA 6

The Miami scenery looks remarkably familiar.

Your watchlist for the new year is sorted, thanks to Netflix's new true crime documentary coming out on January 1.

Bitconned tells the story of Centra Tech, a cryptocurrency company that, according to the Department of Justice, scammed victims out of more than $25 million worth of digital funds.

The trailer is narrated by Ray Trapani, one of the company's co-founders, who somewhat shockingly opens with: "Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to be a criminal."

We're then whizzed through what the documentary will cover - from the rise of Centra Tech to a journalist exposing it as a fraud.

It's mainly set in Miami - where Centra Tech was based - and it looks like the illicit funds were used to fund the co-founders' lavish lifestyles.

That means fast cars and fast living - causing everyone to say the same thing in the comment section.

"I thought this was a GTA 6 Netflix series," one person wrote under the YouTube video of the trailer.

This is probably because the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game is set in Vice City, which is a fictitious version of Miami.

People think the Bitconned trailer looks an awful lot like Vice City.
Netflix / YouTube

"Looks like GTA Vice City," another YouTuber agreed - and it really is a testament to how good the graphics are in the upcoming Rockstar-produced game, if people think it's similar to real-life shots.

If you're keen to get a look at Ray Trapani's version of Miami, you only have to wait until January 1 - when the documentary debuts on Netflix - which will hopefully fill a bit of a void.

After all, the long-awaited next instalment of GTA - which is 10 years in the making - is slated to drop sometime in 2025. It really does feel like an awfully long wait from now, if we're honest.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix