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GTA fans compare the trailer's scenery to real-life locations and the similarity is insane

GTA fans compare the trailer's scenery to real-life locations and the similarity is insane

People can't decide what looks better - the game or real life.

If you are one of the millions of people who have watched the first trailer for GTA VI, you'll have noticed how ultra-realistic the scenery looks - and if you've ever been to Miami, it'll look more than a bit familiar.

That's because the upcoming game - scheduled to drop in 2025 - is set in Vice City, which is loosely based on Miami.

We say 'loosely', but some of the landscape and buildings look pretty much identical - and keen-eyed Reddit users have been posting about the similarities.

Take the beachside skyline - one Reddit user has posted a side-by-side of the game's recreation and real life from Google Earth - and the similarities are eerie.

The beach scene also looks exactly like Miami's South Beach, and fans have also spotted representations of Ocean Drive, the cool Wynwood neighborhood and the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

It's all so creepily similar, in fact, that everyone seems to have the same thought - that the game looks better than real life.

"The game world looks a lot more decent than reality. The shadow and sunshine of the earth online is too solid," one Redditor noted.

Another commented: "Game looks better."

Vice City was first debuted in the 2002 edition of the game, and considering this one will be coming out over two decades later, we're sure the graphics will be on another level - as well as the attention to detail. It's set in the wider state of Leonida, meant to represent Florida.

And Floridians have been quick to express their approval of the landscapes in the comment section of the YouTube trailer.

"The resemblance to the real Miami and culture is so accurate and stunning," one said, while another added: "As a Miami resident this is absolutely insane. The way I can just recognize streets, buildings and areas from half second shots makes me so excited."

In fact, some people on social media suggest that some of the wild scenes in the trailer - such as a criminal with face tattoos that looks like Miami criminal Lawrence Sullivan, who went viral in 2017 for his face art inspired by The Joker, or an alligator being fished out of a pool - are actually inspired by real-life happenings in Florida.

It's all hyper-exaggerated - but some people think it's spot on.

"I'm a Floridian and was absolutely thrilled with the portrayal of my state in the trailer," one Redditor said.

"The people, the environments, everything. It painted the state not in a negative or exaggerated light, but a raw, natural version. Obviously can only tell so much from a trailer, but they definitely nailed the Florida vibe 100%."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Youtube / Rockstar Games