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Mind-blowing amount of money GTA VI is predicted to make

Mind-blowing amount of money GTA VI is predicted to make

You won't believe the payday Rockstar Games could be heading towards.

It's hard to wrap your head around the sheer level of hype for Grand Theft Auto VI.

We got our first glimpse of the new game when Rockstar Games dropped the trailer last week.

Sure, it wasn't quite how the company thought it would go - they ended up releasing it early due to a leak - but it still gripped the internet, with gamers analysing every frame of the trailer.

GTA V came out in 2013, meaning when the next edition comes out - slated for 2025 - developers will have had 12 years to finesse it.

And from our initial look, we can see the incredible detail that's gone into it - from the way characters' hair moves to realistic-looking jewellery.

In fact, we were so enamored with even just a taste of GTA VI, the trailer bagged the Guinness World Record for the most viewed video game trailer in 24 hours - notching up a whopping 90,421,491 views in just a day.

With this much excitement, just how successful might the game be when it eventually comes out?

Experts seem to think Rockstar Games will be raking in the cash.

"The GTA series is a cultural phenomenon and its loyal fans have had to wait 10 years for a new instalment," gaming expert Ciaran Lee told UNILAD.

"Sales of this title will also be helped by how well Rockstar's other title Red Dead Redemption 2 is regarded."

Sure, but what might that actually mean for Rockstar's bank balance?

Fans can't get over how realistic the new trailer looks.
Rockstar Games

"GTA V made $800 million in its first day and $1 billion in its first three days. Grand Theft Auto V launch week was huge, and GTA VI will be colossal," Lee said.

"I predict that it will be one of the biggest openings for an entertainment title and could do $1 billion to $1.5 billion in sales within 24 hours."

At the moment, GTA V is only the second best-selling game of all time - it's beaten to the punch by Minecraft - and it could soon be bumped even further down the list.

Lee said: "Long-term sales are harder to predict and rely on the game being good, but if everything we have seen so far, along with past results from Rockstar, it should outsell GTA V comfortably."

And we're sure the good people at Rockstar will be hoping for mega sales, considering just how much its development could be costing.

We're not certain how much GTA VI will eventually cost, but it's rumored to be the most expensive video game of all time - with wild numbers between $1 billion and $2 billion being thrown about.

Rockstar would have to sell a whole heap of games to make that back.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty / Rockstar Games