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Ex-Rockstar developer reacts to new GTA 6 trailer

Ex-Rockstar developer reacts to new GTA 6 trailer

Safe to say, he's just as excited as we are.

The Grand Theft Auto VI trailer hasn't been out in the world for long, but the hype around it is already unbelievable.

With 116 million views and counting on the YouTube trailer, everyone is losing their minds for the long-awaited game - and for good reason.

It's 10 years in the making and set to come out in 2025, and average players aren't the only people pumped for the game - professionals are also picking out just how impressive the visuals are.

Mike York is a game developer and animator who used to work at Rockstar Games - the company responsible for the GTA franchise.

He was at Rockstar for nearly six years, working on GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 - and he's posted his expert thoughts on our first look at GTA VI.

And safe to say, he's just as excited as we are.

"They have done it again," he said on his YouTube channel @YorkReacts, before breaking down just how impressive the work is.

This time round, the game is set in Vice City - loosely based on Miami - and the scope of the setting is almost unimaginable.

"They're gonna have a way bigger city," York noted.

"It's not just a bigger city, everything in the city is expanded on - and what I mean by that is there's more people, there's more cars, there's more plant life, there's more animals, there's more hair on each character. Every single thing has been reworked and developed and pushed."

In the vast city - which looks remarkably similar to the Miami skyline - York said you'll be able to go into any of the buildings you can see, even ones in the far background.

"This game is very elaborate, and that's why it takes them so long to make," he explained.

He also picked out the attention to detail in the NPCs - if you look at the crowded beach scene, every background character is doing something different and looks ultra-realistic.

Mike York worked at Rockstar for nearly six years.
YorkReacts / YouTube

"They make it feel alive, and the only way to do that is to have hundreds and thousands of animations and things going on," York said - even down to animating particles floating through the air.

But bad news for anyone who wants to play GTA VI on PC, because York said it likely won't be available for you for a long time - he suggested the reason it looks so good is because it's pushing the limits for what's possible on PS5.

Ultimately, York is just as excited for 2025 as we are - and he certainly seems to think the trailer will live up to the hype.

He said: "When you play the game, it's really going to look like this."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube