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This small GTA 6 trailer clue could point to a game-changing feature

This small GTA 6 trailer clue could point to a game-changing feature

Everyone's talking about how this might completely change gameplay.

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has only been up for two days, and fans are already picking out potential Easter eggs.

One huge aspect of the trailer is the inclusion of social media.

Set in the Miami-inspired Vice City, there seems to be a new in-game social media app.

It looks partly inspired by Instagram Live and TikTok, showing off some of the wild things happening in Vice City - from people twerking on top of moving cars to someone fishing an alligator out of the pool.

It's not the first time social media has made its way into the GTA universe.

In previous games, Rockstar has parodied some of the most prominent social media sites - turning X (formerly known as Twitter) into 'Bleeter', with a sheep as its icon, a Facebook dupe was dubbed 'LifeInvader', and there was 'Snapmatic' to represent Instagram.

You couldn't actually use these sites in GTA IV - only go on them to learn more about other characters. In GTA V, you could access them on an 'iFruit' phone, but it was only 'Snapmatic' that you could actually use, taking pictures to then post on Rockstar's real-life social media platform, Social Club.

Social media plays a huge part in the new trailer.
Rockstar / YouTube

However, 10 years on from GTA V, our relationship to social media has dramatically changed - and this looks to be reflected in the upcoming game, due to drop in 2025.

Fans are wondering whether social media will be an intrinsic part of the game - and how much it will be incorporated into gameplay.

"Social media seems to be a big part of the trailer so I'd assume its ramped up to 1000 in the game and the storyline," one person commented on X, while another wondered if it would make its way into the hugely popular GTA Online platform: "This in-game social media app from the GTA VI trailer looks wicked, I wonder if this would reach to Online?".

One shrewd X user made the comment: "I think it's really funny that because films have basically faded from having any aesthetic importance on modern pop culture, this new GTA game's main aesthetical frame of reference is social media." Pretty cutting - sorry Steven Spielberg.

As it stands, all we have are 90 seconds of the trailer to glean information from - we'll have to wait until Rockstar releases more information to figure out just how much of a role social media will play in GTA VI.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube