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Everyone has picked up on the same detail in the new GTA 6 trailer

Everyone has picked up on the same detail in the new GTA 6 trailer

Fans are going wild over it.

After years of anticipation and speculation, the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is finally here - and it's just about as action-packed as you might have wanted.

This time round, the game will return to Vice City - which was first debuted in the 2002 edition.

While fans have been losing their minds over all the GTA-related carnage in the trailer - the car chases, shoot-outs and even an alligator wandering into a shop - everyone is blown away by one particular thing: the graphics.

"I thought it will probably just look like GTA 5 with updated graphics but man this blew away my expectations. 2025 has never seemed so far away," one commenter said in response to the YouTube post.

Vice City is loosely based on Miami, set in the state of Leonida - representing Florida - and people can't get over how right the developers have got the vibe.

The new game returns to Vice City.
YouTube / Rockstar Games

"The resemblance to the real Miami and culture is so accurate and stunning," one said, while another added: "As a Miami resident this is absolutely insane. the way I can just recognize streets, buildings and areas from half second shots makes me so excited."

And others have already started praising the ultra-realistic aesthetics of the game.

"I felt like I was watching a movie trailer, the game is very realistic," one said, and another picked out "the lighting, color palette and hair physics".

Excitement around the game really seems to be reaching fever pitch, with another fan writing: "These graphics are next level. Very detailed and realistic yet still stylized in the essence of classic GTA in small details."

Fans are blown away by the graphics shown in the trailer.
YouTube / Rockstar Games

After all, the game is 10 years in the making - and is set to come out in 2025 - so Rockstar has certainly had enough time to get everything on point.

It features the franchise's first female protagonist, Lucia, who starts off in prison but then looks to go on the run with an unnamed male partner - sparking theories that it's going to have a Bonnie and Clyde-style storyline.

The trailer has been met with extreme levels of excitement, but not everyone was totally thrilled about it.

Rockstar was forced to release the trailer a day earlier than expected due to a leak, with developers working on the game taking to social media to express their disappointment.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Rockstar Games YouTube