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GTA 6 trailer finally gets release date

GTA 6 trailer finally gets release date

Rockstar has confirmed the official release date of the GTA 6 trailer and here's everything we know about the game so far

Rockstar has officially announced the release date for the GTA 6 trailer.

Back in February 2022, Rockstar confirmed that a new Grand Theft Auto was in the works. The announcement came as part of a larger GTA V and GTA Online community update.

Since then, the game has had a fair share of leaks. Back only three months ago, almost 100 videos and screenshots from an in-development alpha version of the game were leaked.

If you saw the leaks and wondered whether they were legit, Rockstar responded: "We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way."

Although, this could very well be a ploy of distraction!

Twitter/Hossein Diba / RGR29 YouTube
Twitter/Hossein Diba / RGR29 YouTube

Rockstar has just confirmed on X that the GTA 6 trailer will be dropping on the 5 December at 9.00am (EST) - which is 2.00pm (UST) for those of us in the UK.

Even with the confirmation of the GTA 6 trailer, the wait for the actual game's release date continues.

Gaming leaker Tom Henderson - renowned for accurate information on titles like GTA and Call of Duty - speculates a potential release around 2025.

If you remember, GTA V's trailer dropped around the start of November 2011, with the official game release in September 2013. So, an estimated release date around mid to late 2025 might not be too far off the mark.

Henderson also teased that GTA 6 would be based in a modern-day Vice City - which is a nostalgic treat for us retro fans!

Leaked photos hint at a map extending beyond Miami's city and beach vibe to include the Everglades and Florida Keys, which could be an intriguing mashup.

Jason and Lucia as leaked protagonists of GTA 6 / Twitter/Hossein Diba / RGR29 YouTube
Jason and Lucia as leaked protagonists of GTA 6 / Twitter/Hossein Diba / RGR29 YouTube

Moreover, some fans believe the Grand Theft Auto 6 map will be much larger than that of GTA 5.

As far as the characters go, there's been a lot of question around whether they'll be a female protagonist. The alpha-stage footage showed both a male and female character - Jason and Lucia - which may suggest a character-switching system, similar to that of GTA V.

An introduction of new stealth mechanics was showcased in the leaked footage, featuring characters carrying bodies while prone. The iconic GTA weapon wheel and five-star wanted system may also make a return, with early footage revealing new health buffs, like painkillers.

However, the wanted system seems to be new and improved, with new ways of tracking the protagonists once off the police radar. So, if you're hoping for quick escapes from the law, you may want to rethink.

The leaked details and now GTA 6 finally having a release date for its trailer is keeping us on our toes! Until then, we have to hold on to the seats of our chair come Tuesday!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Hossein Diba / RGR29 YouTube