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Hyundai hilariously recreates GTA 6 trailer shot-for-shot

Hyundai hilariously recreates GTA 6 trailer shot-for-shot

The sheer level of detail Hyundai has gone into is pretty impressive.

The preview for Grand Theft Auto VI has skyrocketed as one of the most-watched and most talked-about trailers of all time, with some 168 million views on YouTube as it stands - and that number still climbing.

It's also spawned a whole heap of imitators - Rockstar's editors know how to make an absolutely impeccably paced trailer, so it's no wonder other teams are following in its footsteps.

The latest comes from an unlikely source - Hyundai's Rally Team, a beastly racing organisation that's been throwing high-performance cars through incredible challenges amid muck and mud for years now.

It's mocked up a trailer for their exploits that mimics the GTA VI clip beautifully, including the very same Tom Petty soundtrack and accompanying dialogue.

Those moments of speech are delivered touch-in-cheek by drivers and technicians, and they even recreate some of the most iconic shots - like the final moment where our two potential protagonists burst through some doors to rob a store with bandanas over their faces (although Hyundai replaces the weapons with screwdrivers).

Of course, interspersed with these recreations are shots of some of Hyundai's highs and lows from recent years of racing, from cars skidding around muddy corners beautifully to some pretty crazy wrecks.

The mashup is more natural than it might seem, too - GTA has always had a strong element of car culture built into it, with comedy car names hiding a genuine passion for detail when it comes to designs and the physics of driving around.

It's also a great prompt to revisit that amazing trailer from Rockstar in the first place - which leaked just hours before it was due to debut, leading Rockstar to throw it out early rather than let everyone watch an ugly low-res pirated version.

In fact, you almost have to watch them side by side to really appreciate the amount of work that went into matching them from Hyundai's point of view, and to underline how hilarious it really is.

Whether we get to drive a rally car in GTA VI is anyone's guess, of course, but it's entirely possible that this video could end up being a funny preview of something we get to do in-game when GTA 6 finally arrives sometime in 2025.

People are showing love for Hyundai's effort in the comment section, writing things like: "Whoever came up with the idea for this one deserves a raise and a big, big bonus," and: "I was not expecting something like this from Hyundai, beautifully done."

While many others have the same idea: "I hope this car is in GTA 6."

Featured Image Credit: Hyundai Motorsport/ YouTube / Rockstar Games