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Man creates his own GTA 6 Vice City and people are calling it better than the official trailer

Man creates his own GTA 6 Vice City and people are calling it better than the official trailer

It looks very impressive.

A YouTuber created his own Grand Theft Auto VI Vice City trailer and people are calling it better than the actual trailer.

Rockstar Games dropped the GTA 6 trailer earlier this month after it leaked online, generating a huge amount of buzz with gamers analysing every frame.

As visually stunning as the new GTA 6 trailer is, YouTuber 12th Hour, who has 1.1 million subscribers, pointed out that it doesn’t actually give us much insight into what gameplay is going to look like, prompting him to make his own version of the trailer.

The trailer features a voice over from the main character and scenes from the Miami-inspired Vice City where the game is set, which include four additional scenes not featured in the original trailer.

These are a junkyard, an airport, a mansion kitted out with a swimming pool, and a garage with a red Ferrari “that plays a big role in the story,” he said.

The YouTuber paid $200 for a voice actor to read a voice over, which features a masculine voice saying: “It wasn’t easy to get here, I’m down to my last $1000 but at least I’m not wanted anymore so that’s a plus.”

The main character says he’s “destined for the red Ferrari, the modern Vice City villa, and the wife to match it all,” adding: “This time, I’ll do it right.”

Fans can't get over how realistic the official new GTA 6 trailer looks.
Rockstar Games

In the YouTube video in which he shows his remake, the creator explains his process of recreating a strip along the Vice City seafront in about five days, he said.

It took him about an hour to model each building and another day just to add textures, before he created characters to populate the city.

“I completely overhauled this whole portion of Vice City and the cherry on top that just made the scene are buildings…I just loved all the detail added that really brought it to life,” he said.

He said that “currently the closest thing we have to actually walking around Vice City is this, the 2021 Vice City remaster by Grove Street Games,” so he based his re-do of the trailer on parts of that game.

He compared his version to the Grove Street Games remastering and pointed out details like the “dirt and grime that makes the cars realistic”.

The original trailer bagged the Guinness World Record for the most viewed video game trailer in 24 hours - notching up a whopping 90,421,491 views in just a day.

So far the official trailer has notched up more than 150 million views on YouTube.

GTA V came out in 2013, meaning when the next edition comes out - slated for 2025 - developers will have had 12 years to finesse it.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: YouTube / 12th Hour