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New series branded ‘the best Christmas show on Netflix right now’ is a must-watch over the holidays

New series branded ‘the best Christmas show on Netflix right now’ is a must-watch over the holidays

Add this to your list immediately.

Watching cheesy Christmas films and TV shows is a must over the festive period - but the options really do range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

For every classic festive flick there's a whole host of shockers - but luckily, people on social media are doing all the hard work and picking out the best recommendations from this year's bunch.

X user Cikida Gcali-Mabusela (who goes by @MrsMabs_ on the platform, formerly known as Twitter) has proclaimed that this is 'the best Christmas movie on Netflix right now' - check it out for yourself...

Yoh! Christmas is actually a TV show rather than a movie, but that just means more hours of entertainment to spread out over the festive period.

It follows 30-year-old Thando, who is single and under pressure to find a partner and start a family.

In a moment of desperation, she tells her family she actually has a boyfriend - meaning she's accidentally set herself 24 days to find someone to bring home to her mom.

As you can probably imagine, all kinds of hijinks ensue as Thando tries to find the love of her life (or just someone to bring home for Christmas dinner) in just a month.

It looks to follow all the classic romcom tropes - and let's face it, that's exactly the kind of comfort watching we're after during this time of year.

Yoh! Christmas is actually a remake of a Norwegian show, called Home for Christmas, and transported to a South African setting.

Critics already seem to be loving the show - which has six episodes between 30 to 40 minutes each - with Maddy Casale at Decider saying it "seems to be finding new ways to make the idea its own, making for an entertaining international holiday adventure", and adding: "The cast itself is great from top to bottom, with plenty of strong and compelling performances."

And people seem to be agreeing, with the hashtag #YohChristmas taking off on X (formerly known as Twitter).

One person described it as "so funny 10/10", with another saying: "What a treat this was. Loved it."

So that should sort your Christmas viewing - if you still find yourself with time to fill, check out the best films on Netflix from 2023 as decided by viewers, and see if any need to be added to your list.

Featured Image Credit: eyesfoto / Getty / Netflix