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From Mini to Tesla: AI's hilarious take on the 'average' car driver sparks mixed reactions

From Mini to Tesla: AI's hilarious take on the 'average' car driver sparks mixed reactions

Ever wondered what a 'typical' Tesla driver looks like? Have a look at what AI has generated as the average driver for various car brands.

Someone has told AI to generate images of what it deems the 'average' driver for various car brands and, let's just say, not everyone's thrilled with the outcome.

It seems AI has become the internet's new favorite toy, with one recent trend involving people using the generative tech to create pictures of what a computer thinks stereotypical people look like.

Someone on Reddit decided to ask AI what it thought drivers of certain car brands looked like, creating images of the 'average' driver from different countries and US states.

The reaction?

A mix of amusement and, ahem, not-so-amused.

Of course, some of the pictures suffer from the same problems that AI has always had in generating images, some bits are just a bit off the beaten race track.

Thanks to AI the 'average' Mini driver  'average' Mini driver is drenched in a shade of orange (

Take the image of the supposedly 'average' Mini driver, for instance, who is drenched in an overwhelming shade of orange. If your eyes can get past the orange onslaught, his left hand looks inhumanely gnarled and his tie is done up over his collar.

It's not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a Toyota Prius.

Then, behold the average Toyota Prius driver, standing beside her excessively pink car. The AI's choice to top off the Prius with fluffy pink patches is baffling, to say the least, complemented by the driver's equally shaggy ensemble.

Let's face it: this guy looks insufferable.

AI even went the extra mile, placing the cars in their so-called natural settings. Take Mr Rolls Royce, for instance, who's clogging up traffic for a posed pic - to everyone's dismay.

While some find the AI portrayals spot-on, others think the AI pictures have completely missed the mark.

One of the more controversial AI images is of the Ford F150.

Take, for instance, AI's take on the Ford F-150 driver, which appears to be a cross between a cowboy wannabe and a flyover state serial killer, though some people reckon that the real Ford crowd are 'suburbanites who haven't seen a dirt road ever'.

This guy looks suave as anything - that seems about right.

AI seems to have a better grasp on the drivers of larger vehicles, though. Picture Mr Mercedes G-Class: the kind of guy who'd jet off to Dubai just to spend the entire holiday posing for Instagram pictures.

Mr Hummer isn't exactly the shy and retiring type.

He'd likely find a kindred spirit in Mr Hummer, who has very much pimped their ride into a gaudy and garish gas-guzzling gargantuan. Their chat would likely be a snooze-fest for anyone not obsessed with oversized vehicles, but at least they'd be having fun.

AI captures the pretentiousness of an Elon Musk-worshipper perfectly.

While the AI has generated a person for each car, some of them are committing unforgivable crimes against fashion.

Case in point: Mr Tesla, who appears to have fashioned a leopard-print carpet into a coat, though nothing is going to distract from that questionable choice of moustache. One thing's for sure - this guy definitely looks like an Elon Musk fan.

While AI has made some great improvements in recent months, it still struggles with the finer points of human features and has a peculiar fondness for certain colors, particularly orange.

In its latest escapade, it certainly continues to blur the lines between amusing and perplexing.

Recently, the tech was also used to generate images of what Europeans supposedly think Americans from each of the 50 states look like. And let's just say, people had some pretty strong feelings about the results.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/midjourney