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AI creates what an 'average person' looks like from each country and people are fuming

AI creates what an 'average person' looks like from each country and people are fuming

You might not be happy with the result

People from all over the world have been outraged by an AI tool, which has created what a ‘stereotypical’ person from each country looks like.

It wouldn’t be the first time that artificial intelligence has caused a stir about something, so it comes as no surprise that some images developed by AI have got people riled up.

People have been offended by AI after it produced 'stereotypical' images of what 'the average person' from each country in the world looks like…how is that even possible?!

A Reddit user used AI to generate images of the 'most stereotypical person in [country]' and wait until you see the results.

According to AI, the most stereotypical person in Sweden has ice-blonde, slicked back, straight hair, flawless, tanned skin, a chiselled jawline and wears round glasses, a bright, blue suit and yellow tie combination.

France? Take a wild guess.

Beret, moustache, small-rimmed round spectacles and a bow tie - stood in front of the Eiffel Tower, of course.


Forget it when you think of 'the luck of the Irish' because AI's depiction shows a rather worried-looking man, sat hunched over with a furrowed brow.

But don't fret completely, because he's wearing lots of stereotypical green.

We now move onto the Brit, in fact not actually Britain as a whole because it only says England, but we will take it.

No English person would ever be complete without a flat cap, three-piece suit, clutching a saucer and cup of tea, am I right?

AI may be a thing of the future, but its generated images of 'the most stereotypical person' in every country have been called out as outdated and 'inaccurate'.

"As a Finn I find this really inaccurate.

The 'average' English person was a bit down in the dumps.

“Our mushroom pineapple moss hats are not that tall.

“Neighbours would think that we are trying to brag about our wealth." one Reddit user said.

Another wrote: "Why is the Danish guy dressed like he is homeless?"

"As a German I find this thoroughly not accurate," a third added.

A fourth said: "I was almost offended by seeing the Austrian dude. Then I saw the German one and was like, ok this is worse. Then came Norway."

A final resolved: "They're all inaccurate except Ireland."

As well as being accused of being misleading, the AI-generated images have also been called out as sexist - why do they all only depict men?

It truly is a crazy time to be alive.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/WeirdLime