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Ex Apple employee shares when it's time to upgrade your iPhone and which model you should pick

Ex Apple employee shares when it's time to upgrade your iPhone and which model you should pick

Spoiler alert: it's not as often as you think.

It's the age old question: should you upgrade your phone?

It's something tech aficianado and former Apple employee, Tyler Morgan (@hitomidocameraroll on TikTok) is constantly asked.

His answer? "Usually, no," he says in a recent TikTok video that's racked up 74.4k likes.

He then goes into some helpful detail. According to Morgan, if you have an iPhone 14 Pro, 13 Pro or 12 Pro, there's really no need to waste your money on an upgrade.

However, if you have an iPhone 11 Pro or under, he says: "You can upgrade and it'll be a significant enough change to where it'll be worth it."

So what phone should you upgrade to? An iPhone 15 would work, or even a 13 would be enough to "see a performance difference, no matter what", Morgan notes.

His top tip is to not bother splashing the cash on an iPhone 15 Pro or Max - the original model will do just fine.

After all, you get the same camera and a USB-C charging point for all of them. Morgan says perhaps the only people who could benefit from the iPhone 15 Max are filmmakers or mobile content creators who can take advantage of the video capabilities - even photographers are fine sticking to just the 15.

The moral of the story? Maybe we're all a bit too keen to upgrade our phones, when we just don't need to.

Matt Cardy / Contributor / Getty
Matt Cardy / Contributor / Getty

As Morgan says: "Once you hit iPhone 13, you officially enter the class of 'I should wait for the iPhone 16 or higher'."

This mentality of constantly needing the next upgrade could be just a US thing, with one top comment under the video reading: "It's funny that in American culture you upgrade your phone, in mine we use it till it stops working COMPLETELY, if the screen is half black and the other is working the phone's still good to use."

Others felt a bit attacked by the video, with one writing: "Me watching this on my iPhone 8," while another added: "I'm rocking an 8 Plus."

There's a reason Morgan has become the go-to TikToker for all things Apple. With 1.4m followers watching his every video, he covers all the iPhone-related things you didn't know you needed - whether it's an incredibly useful way to use the Notes app or a comprehensive look at the iPhone settings you should change.

Featured Image Credit: SimonSkafar / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty