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Impressive iPhone hack will change the way you use your Notes app forever

Impressive iPhone hack will change the way you use your Notes app forever

Did you know the iPhone Notes app was this handy?

If you were using your iPhone Notes app just to jot down the odd thought, you're missing out on its full potential.

In fact, the app is a whole lot more sophisticated than you might have realized.

That's been revealed in a recent TikTok video by Tyler Morgan (@hitomidocameraroll), a former Apple employee with 1.4m followers.

He regularly shares iPhone tips and tricks, and this video is no different - diving into a super useful way to use the Notes app.

"Did you know, using your Notes app you can actually scan and sign documents?" Morgan asks in the video.

Being an adult often means you have to sign documents and send them back to someone - but so few of us actually have printers or scanners at home anymore, meaning it can be quite an inconvenient task.

That's where Notes comes in - turns out, you can do it all in this simple app that's pre-loaded onto your iPhone.

Morgan explains how you do it - first, open a new page in the Notes app, tap on the camera icon, and you'll be able to select 'Scan Documents'.

From here, you can take a picture of your document, save it, then you can tap on the pen icon and sign your name in the right place. You can even save your signature, then add it onto each document - saving you the bother of signing it every time.

It really is that simple - and the app automatically makes the document a PDF, ready for you to share it via email.

That's not the only tip Morgan shares in the TikTok video, which has racked up 43.7k likes in just a day of being posted.

He shows you how to turn off AMBER (America's Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response) Alerts - US-based alerts which let you know when police are tracking a missing person, and they might be in your area.

@hitomidocameraroll / TikTok
@hitomidocameraroll / TikTok

"You can also turn off AMBER Alerts for some reason - I don't know why you'd ever wanna do this but this is how," Morgan says.

What you do is go into the Settings app, tap on Notifications, then scroll down to find Emergency Alerts. Depending on where you live, there will be a range of alerts you can toggle off - like AMBER Alerts or public safety alerts.

This really isn't something we recommend doing, with Morgan warning that if you do switch them off: "Just know that you're really disconnecting yourself from safety measures."

He asks people to share why on Earth they'd turn these alerts off, and the overwhelming response in the comments section seems to be that people don't like the noise it makes - which we're not really sure is a great reason to get rid of emergency alerts, but hey, maybe that's just us.

Featured Image Credit: Gado / Contributor / hitomidocameraroll/TikTok