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Ex-Apple employee breaks down which products are currently worth buying and which are a 'waste of money'

Ex-Apple employee breaks down which products are currently worth buying and which are a 'waste of money'

A higher price doesn't always mean better quality.

There are tonnes of Apple products on the market today - no doubt about it. From iPhones and MacBooks to VR headsets for those wanting a more immersive experience and with extra cash to splurge.

But some are more worthwhile than others.

An ex-Apple employee known for sharing iPhone tricks and hacks on his TikTok channel takes viewers through Apple's carousel of tech products.

@hitomidocameraroll, real name Tyler Morgan, recommends the Mac and iPhone but believes the Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro are 'definitely not needed.'

He also suggests skipping Apple accessories and the Apple Gift Card.

Meanwhile, Morgan points at the AirPods and AirTag saying that 'these are okay.'


Going into more detail on the products, Morgan explains the difference between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

He describes 'no big difference' between the MacBook Air with M2 or M3 chip while the MacBook Pro stands out for its thicker design, extra ports and a built-in fan.

'It's great no problems,' Morgan says pointing at the MacBook Pro.

He then dismisses the Studio Display, calling it an 'expensive piece of sh*t' and the Mac Pro as an 'expensive cheese grater.'

Onto the iPhone range, Morgan praises the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, both offering a 'good camera and USB-C.'

But the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max aren't 'worth it' and users should 'wait for the [iPhone] 16.'

Furthermore, Apple fans should avoid the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus because they are 'just a copy of this', pointing to the iPhone 13.


Moreover, it might surprise some that the former employee finds the iPad Pro not worthwhile, having both himself and a professional artist declaring it 'not worth the money.'

Instead, the TikToker claims that it's worth waiting for the next-gen of the iPad Air. Finally, he points out that if iPad users aren't using it with the Apple Pencil, 'you're probably not understanding the point of the iPad.'

Not all Apple users agree with the bold opinions however.

One user commented: 'Me watching with my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch & AirPods'.

'Went from an 11 to a 15 Pro, and I absolutely do not regret my purchase. Please don’t insult me,' wrote another Apple fan.

A third TikToker replied: 'Apple TV is absolutely the best streaming device. Worth the cost'.

Like all tech products, some are gonna love them and others are gonna hate them.

Featured Image Credit: hitomidocameraroll/TikTok