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'Wild' photo of Cybertruck next to Tesla model 3 in parking lot has everybody saying the same thing

'Wild' photo of Cybertruck next to Tesla model 3 in parking lot has everybody saying the same thing

You won't believe the size difference.

Cybertruck's have some impressive features and seeing them on the road always stops people in their tracks.

Looking like something from a dystopian future, the Cybertruck arrived on the scene with some big promises relating to its range and capability.

And it seems to have totally delivered on those specs to impress, according to a Reddit thread.

On the r/cybertruck thread, someone has posted a picture of a Cybertruck parked next to their Tesla Model 3 car - and people in the comments are saying the same thing.

Notably how the Tesla looks like a toy car in comparison to the impressive Cybertruck.

The picture caption showing the comparison says: "Just sharing the size difference of this beast lifted to max next to a model 3."

The Cybertruck appears to be in what is called Extract mode. The Tesla owner's manual online explains different specs for when the Cybertruck is in an off-road drive mode.

It says: "Extract is the maximum ride height, designed for use when Cybertruck is stuck on an underbody obstacle. This is only available in certain off-road modes.

"When the ride height is set to Extract, vehicle speed is limited to 10 mph (16 km/h), and torque may be limited. The ride height automatically resets to Very High once your driving speed exceeds 10 mph (16 km/h)".

So there you have it.

But users on the Reddit thread still can't believe the size difference.

One asked: "Will it stay parked like that? Or eventually go down?", to which the original poster replied: "Stays like that. I leave it parked in very high usually cause it looks badass. I rarely put it in extract. It’s for getting unstuck or showing off only lol".

Someone else commented: "Makes the model 3 look like a kids toy", which the original poster agreed with saying: "Right!? And people still say Cybertruck looks small lol. Not even. Maybe at entry mode".

The original poster also told another Redditor: "I can’t wait for you to get your cybertruck bro. This thing is so fun to drive".

Cybertruck's get a lot of attention when seen out and about.

It certainly looks like it. And what's more, the Cybertruck utilises a variety of clever materials which make it both look and feel quite different from anything else. The exterior stainless steel ‘exoskeleton’ – as Tesla calls it – is meant to be damage and corrosion-resistant, and easy to repair, too.

The glass is shatter-resistant and is said to be able to ‘resist the impact of a baseball at 70mph’. The large rear bed opens up electrically, while there’s a separate storage area in the ‘nose’ of the truck.

Who wouldn't want to be driving around in something that fancy?

Featured Image Credit: u/sandstorm4788/ Reddit