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YouTuber stuns viewers by creating homemade Cybertruck that drives itself

YouTuber stuns viewers by creating homemade Cybertruck that drives itself

The Cybertruck can be driven with a remote control.

It's pretty hard to get your hands on a Cybertruck - if you manage to cough up enough money for the eye-watering price tag, you then have to contend with the waiting list.

So what if you could make one yourself at home?

That's exactly what the team behind YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries have done.

They tend to take fictional ideas from films, video games and more and make them reality - like Captain America's electromagnet shield or Wolverine's claws.

While the Cybertruck is already a real thing, it's only delivering to the US - and Hacksmith Industries is up in Canada, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

A few years ago the team - led by James Hobson - built their own half-scale version of the Cybertruck, one that looks almost perfect, just half the size of the full truck.

Now, in light of the Cybertruck finally making it to market, the team has gone back to upgrade their mini Cybertruck with some new tricks, including an all-new self-driving mode that makes it a pretty hilarious little vehicle.

It's not just a converted golf buggy, either - the mini Cybertruck was already crazy powerful for its size, with huge towing power and a tri-motor design just like the real Cybertruck.

For this new video, it got a bunch of new features including a redesigned, much better steering system and all-new Tesla batteries to power it, plus the ability to remote control the car completely.

This means that by the time the team is done, no one even has to be in the mini Cybertruck for it to work.

Getting a self-driving system working is by far the most complicated part of the new upgrade video, and the testing process makes for pretty fun watching.

Hacksmith Industries / YouTube
Hacksmith Industries / YouTube

This isn't a car with the weight of a huge company behind it, so full self-driving isn't on the agenda, but the team manages to get it to follow a pre-programmed route using its own maneuvers, which is still extremely impressive given how homebrew everything is.

When obstacles are placed in the way, it's fair to say that a couple of them get dinged on the way through, but who's counting, given that it's not a car that will ever be sold to real people?

Unsurprisingly, the comment section is full of people absolutely loving the resurrection of an old project by Hacksmith Industries, and there's even a popular comment from another huge DIY and tech channel, JerryRigEverything, who said: "This is a true work of art."

Another viewer commented: "Absolutely on another level! What a build," something another person agreed with: "Wow it’s cool to see you modifying old projects with new ideas."

So, if you've been watching Cybertruck drivers with envy, there's hope out there for you - all you need is to dedicate weeks of time and a whole load of resources and expertise to building your own!

Featured Image Credit: Hacksmith Industries/YouTube