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Wild video shows the Cybertruck driving up a sheer rock face at Hell's Gate

Wild video shows the Cybertruck driving up a sheer rock face at Hell's Gate

It's pretty unbelievable what an off-roading Cybertruck is able to do.

For all the footage of Cybertrucks zooming on roads and highways around the US, you could be forgiven for forgetting that it's actually an off-road car.

Tesla released a new video this week to remind us just what the electric truck can do, showing a Cybertruck conquering a hugely challenging rock climb called Hell's Gate, on the Hell's Revenge trail in Moab, Utah.

Hell's Gate is basically a chute of rock just wide enough for a car to get up, but with little grip and some extremely unforgiving angles to overcome - something the Cybertruck has little trouble with.

There are some hairy moments as it goes on three wheels for a bit, or squeaks its tires to find grip, but the speed of the ascent is massively impressive.

As the video's description notes, this is also a Cybertruck using stock tires, so there's no cheating going on with custom grips or anything like that.

It's filmed from above, but before the video ends it cuts to a shot of the truck from the side - which is required viewing, since it gives you a proper look at how extremely steep the trail actually is.

This underlines the fact that the Cybertruck is making light work out of something that's extremely difficult, although it's also presumably being driven by someone well-versed in hill climbs.

Well-made electric vehicles are actually totally suitable for this sort of outdoor activity, despite the fact that many of them might not look like it. The immediate way that electric motors can get torque without having to rev up means they can be easier to navigate over obstacles or up hills.

Plus, the weight of the battery under the car in most cases means that they have a very low center of gravity which also helps mitigate the risk of tipping (which is a scary concept).


All of this is also done without the huge revving and belching that a traditional combustion engine would bring with it, too, so the final shot is also impressive silent, to the point where you can hear a tire squeak.

Another great part of the video is how the sunlight reflects off the Cybertruck's stainless steel panels to make dappled light on the rocks. The panels might not be the most practical, and some might be prone to rust, but in this context they look simply amazing.

People are super impressed in the comments under the video, too, which is no surprise. One person wrote: "The last shot at the end is so impressive. So quiet and it's crawling effortlessly."

Another commented: "This is all the advertising Tesla ever needs to do." They've got a good point, too - for all the public proclamations of Tesla's controversial owner Elon Musk, this sort of more understated content clearly resonates with people a whole lot.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla