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Tesla called out for adding feature to Model 3 that people say should’ve been added years ago

Tesla called out for adding feature to Model 3 that people say should’ve been added years ago

Tesla is catching a bit of heat for this long-awaited addition.

Teslas are some of the quirkiest cars out on the roads.

You get some big bonuses, from the Supercharger network to one of the smoothest software experiences, but Tesla has also stuck to some interesting choices for quite a long time.

A perfect example is the blind spot indicator - or lack of one.

This is a fairly typical inclusion in most modern cars, as a way to let the driver know that the car's sensors have picked up a vehicle in their blind spot. Many cars have indicators on your wing mirrors or the dashboard to tell you this, and it can be really helpful when merging or changing lanes.

However, for years Tesla had no such indicator, despite having blind spots just like any other car on the market - relying instead on its Autopilot camera system.

But that's now changed - a recent update of the Model 3 in the EU has finally included an indicator, in the form of a small red LED embedded in the front speaker grille next to the driver door.

This will light up when something is in one of your blind spots and will start blinking quicker and quicker depending on how close it is, which sounds really handy.

It's likely this change was made because of a new set of regulations in the EU - and a Reddit thread in r/teslamotors about the addition has seen quite a lot of sardonic replies from Tesla owners.

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One top comment read: "2010 here we go!", referencing the fact that so many other car-makers have been including indicators for well over a decade, while another really popular reply said: "For a company that prides itself on its technology, it is silly they are just introducing this now."

Still, this is nonetheless a very welcome addition that will doubtless be really helpful for drivers picking up the latest Model 3, even if those driving older Tesla cars are a little peeved at not already having had the feature built in years ago.

And it's not the only heat the Model 3 has been catching recently - a TikTok video from Aussie car expert Paul Maric went viral in January for its savage takedown of the car's parking sensors.

The updated Model 3 was unveiled in September last year, and with optimized wheels and tiles, the long range version is said to do an impressive 391 miles in a single charge.

Featured Image Credit: Future Publishing/Contributor / Gryphis1642/Reddit