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Inside the world's largest office building home to more than 70,000 employees

Inside the world's largest office building home to more than 70,000 employees

This enormous building is full to the brim with diamonds.

You might think your office is an absolute beast, with people crammed into the elevators and spilling out of the canteen, but it's got nothing on this block.

In Surat, India, the Surat Diamond Bourse has a staggering 70,000 workers inside it on many days, and is a simply massive interconnected office complex that you can see plenty of photos of thanks to The Sun.

The Diamond Bourse reportedy cost $388 million to build, and it's easy to see why - it's really distinctive and modern, with a huge central swathe of a building from which nine offices branch off.

Between all of these parts of the Diamond Bourse, there are apparently 131 different elevators to ferry people up and down, and multiple restaurants and banquet halls for official functions.

The building only opened in late 2023 and took nearly a decade to build, but now has loads of diamond-making workshops and gem-cutting facilities, since gems are very much the speciality of the Surat region.

The 15-storey complex has an enormous 7.1 million square feet of floor space through its many, many halls and corridors, but it's impressively attractive inside, with clear open spaces and natural light.

The professionals working there both cut and refine natural gems, and also create lab-grown diamonds, which are becoming ever more popular with people who don't mind that they don't all come with a certified (and possibly murky) history.

Bloomberg Creative / Getty
Bloomberg Creative / Getty

Since it was being built for pretty much nine years, the Surat Diamond Bourse thankfully (for its developers) sold all of its office space before it even opened - in fact, the design was apparently adapted to fit demand, ensuring it didn't have loads of empty space.

There are some 4,500 diamond workshops inside it, all of them varying in size according to the business occupying the space.

The office even has its own convention center and five-star hotel, to ensure that guests flying in to inspect their gems or to conduct research can stay in real luxury.

Of course, with 70,000 workers dealing with precious gems, you can imagine that the building is also extremely secure, since it would be the target for all sorts of ambitious heists.

Every entry and exit point is reportedly a secure checkpoint, while some 4,000 CCTV cameras also keep an eye on everything important.

Before the Diamond Bourse arrived, the USA's Pentagon building was the biggest office in the world, but times have changed.

Featured Image Credit: PITCHA DANGPRASITH / Contributor / Getty