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Creepy video shows a ‘glimpse into the future’ as silent AI robots ‘trained in minutes’ complete tasks in office

Creepy video shows a ‘glimpse into the future’ as silent AI robots ‘trained in minutes’ complete tasks in office

EVE robots could jeopardise the future of warehouse jobs.

Will AI eventually take over our jobs?

Some reports say they could and we should stop developing it before it ends humanity. Other experts argue we're a long way off from such a reality due to its high implementation and maintenance costs.

Either way, it's simply a matter of time.

Now it feels even more likely to happen with the release of a pretty creepy video showing AI robots doing our everyday work tasks.

The eeriness of the video can't be stressed enough: panning silent robots with fixed smiles efficiently packing and boxing items at a, shall we say, questionable pace...


The clip was posted by OpenAI-backed company 1X and it showcases the capabilities of its EVE robots.

'Strong enough to move shipments but gentle enough to handle fragile items, EVE will easily fit into your logistics workflow and work seamlessly alongside your team in a warehouse or distribution center,' the video caption explains.

Since its release last year, the 1X video has reached over 11,000 views.

The tech company stated: '1X designs androids built to benefit society.

'Since 2014, we’ve been building androids with safety first, balanced performance, and smart behavior.

'Our mission is to design androids that work alongside people to meet the world’s labor demand and build an abundant society.'

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk envisions a future where his Tesla robots outnumber humans, his single but advanced Optimus Gen 2 is yet to compete with EVE robots that are already available on the market.

Bernt Bornich, CEO and creator of 1X, reports that EVE has exceeded their early expectations.


Currently, the humanoid robot now patrols as a security guard at two industrial sites, setting itself apart from other security bots by having two freely moving arms, a head and a face. But, Bornich sees the AI's capabilities stretching into other industries like bartending and nursing.

Though, it has some way to go before reaching the skills of Star Wars' WA-7 waitressing skills.

People were creeped out by the video replying: 'That’s the creepiest scene. The smiling faces, human-like movements/looks and no happy soundtrack.'

Another put: 'This gave me goosebumps - the future is here, some day we're actually going to have robots walking around and doing odd jobs and it'll be crazy to us now how normal that will feel then'.

Commenting on the future of warehouse duties, one viewer wrote: 'Okay so in the near future half of all Amazon workers are absolutely definitely kind of screwed.'

Meanwhile, a YouTuber user with a more humorous approach responded: 'Would have funny if this was recorded by the robot.'

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/1X