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Secret iOS iPhone hack that makes phone calls so clear the person you're talking to will thank you

Secret iOS iPhone hack that makes phone calls so clear the person you're talking to will thank you

This iPhone hack is a godsend if you're making phone calls in noisy environments.

Apple fans know that iOS updates tend to involve crucial security improvements and bug fixes.

Absolutely necessary, but not really anything that will make a marked difference to how you actually use your iPhone.

But every so often, the tech giant sneaks in something a whole lot more fun - like new emojis or a fresh feature.

10'000 Hours / Getty
10'000 Hours / Getty

One such feature was added into iOS 16.4 over a year ago that you might not know about.

We're talking about Voice Isolation, which could absolutely change the game when you're next making a call on your iPhone.

Voice Isolation was previously only available in FaceTime calls, but in 2023 Apple brought it to voice calls, too.

So what exactly is it?

Apple says: 'When you want your voice to be even clearer during a FaceTime or phone call, turn on Voice Isolation, which prioritises your voice and blocks ambient noises.'

Picture the scene: you're in a noisy public area, trying to chat on the phone, but your mate can't hear you due to all the background kerfuffle.

If you've got iOS 16.4 or later downloaded onto your iPhone, you can switch on Voice Isolation - making your voice sound crystal clear, and making all the background noise less bothersome.

Pretty genius, right? Here's how to switch it on:

  1. During your call, swipe down from the top right-hand corner of your screen to open Control Centre.
  2. Tap Mic Mode.
  3. Select Voice Isolation.

And voila! There you have it.

And there's another feature alongside Voice Isolation, known as Wide Spectrum. This is currently only available during FaceTime calls (not regular phone calls) and pretty much works in the opposite way.


Apple says: 'When you want your voice and all of the sounds around you to be heard during a FaceTime call, you can turn on Wide Spectrum to leave ambient noises unfiltered.'

To switch it on, follow the same steps as above - but instead of selecting Voice Isolation, tap on Wide Spectrum instead. It's as easy as that.

You might think to yourself: why would you ever want Wide Spectrum on? It's not like you really want to amplify dogs barking or cars driving by in the background.

Instead, this is super useful if there's a whole bunch of you on the call - instead of having to pass the phone around from person to person, it amplifies voices that aren't directly next to the device.

Featured Image Credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Janie Airey / Morsa Images / Getty