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TikToker shares ‘secret’ way to discover who called you without using Google

TikToker shares ‘secret’ way to discover who called you without using Google

It's an easy way to find out if a caller is legit.

With so many scam calls these days, it makes us so wary to pick up the phone to unknown callers or No Caller ID.

We're now in the habit of searching the number on the internet to find out who the caller is - which is much safer than risking picking up the phone to a potentially fraudulent call.

But there's always the off-chance that it could be a delivery courier, a doctor calling you back or someone you know with a new number.

A TikToker has been praised by her audience after she revealed a simple method to verify an unknown caller without Googling it - as that can only get you so far.

ArtMarie / Getty
ArtMarie / Getty

The TikToker Liz Perez took to the platform in July 2023 explaining that she’d received a phone call from a number she didn’t recognise and in turn, shared her trick to combat cold callers.

'So here's a life hack that I never thought about until my best friend just told me about it,' Perez explained.

'If somebody texts you and it's a number that you don't recognise, literally just copy and paste the number, post it onto your cash app or Venmo or... Zelle.

'And it's going to show you their last name, every single time. They have to have one or the other. So that's a f**king game changer.'

The tip also applies to apps like PayPal for those of us in the UK.

Many have thanked Perez for her handy solution which saved time browsing and allowed people to figure out who was contacting them.

One user wrote: 'Thank you. You just solved a three month mystery for me.'

shapecharge / Getty
shapecharge / Getty

Another added that the popular Snapchat app has a similar method: 'Sometimes Snapchat can tell you too ! Just save number as a contact.'

However, Liz noted in the comments it isn't a completely foolproof plan.

'Works 30 percent of the time, every single time,' one viewer wrote.

Meanwhile, someone else admitted they'd tried the hack but found a likely fake name, writing: 'I just tried this. They had a gimmick name. Like master Jedi.'

Another viewer reminisced of the older days of Facebook: 'I miss when you could search by phone number on Facebook. Solved many a mystery texts after a night out lol.'

Featured Image Credit: ArtMarie / shapecharge / Getty