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Woman shares 'hilarious' hack that makes your iPhone 'speak' out loud after plugging it in to charge

Woman shares 'hilarious' hack that makes your iPhone 'speak' out loud after plugging it in to charge

There are worlds of possibilities when it comes to customizing your iPhone.

If your iPhone feels a little dull, it could be time to spice things up a bit.

That's where customized shortcuts come in, and a recent TikTok video has been making waves with a hilarious new trick.

The video was posted by TikToker @techgirljen, who has 237k followers and describes herself as 'your tech BFF', sharing 'simple everyday tech tips'.

This particular tip probably won't change your life - but chances are it'll make you smile.

The video starts with the TikToker plugging her phone into the charger, making it immediately say out loud: 'That feels good!'

A little juvenile, sure, but if it's enough to make you giggle, it's easy to do yourself.

The TikToker explains how you go into the Shortcuts app, tap 'Automation' and select 'New Automation'.

From here, you can scroll to find the 'Charger' option - tick 'Is Connected' and 'Run immediately'. This means whatever automation you program, it'll run as soon as you plug in the charger.

To get the same automation as the TikToker, select 'Speak Text', then she explains: "You want to type what you want it to say."

In this case, she types in: 'That feels good!' and begins to customize the voice. You can choose from a variety of voices, while also switching up the rate and pitch.

The TikToker chooses Zarvox for a futuristic voice - so when that's all programmed in, whenever she plugs her phone into charge she gets a robotic voice saying: 'That feels good!'

And people are obviously loving the tip, with the TikTok video racking up 41.6k likes since it was posted in early April.

"You taught me a new trick, thank you!" one commenter enthused.

Alavinphoto / Getty
Alavinphoto / Getty

Another said: "The sheer joy this brought me."

While a third chimed in: "I did this and I LOVE it."

Others have used the same tip and changed it up to suit their vibe.

"Mine says, 'Thanks... I almost died," someone commented.

Someone else said: "I have a similar one: when my phone gets to 100% it says 'Hey, I'm full! Come get me! I couldn't eat another bite!"

But as always, you really can't please everyone, with one commenter saying: "Samsung could do this in 2015."

TikToker @techgirljen's page is full of useful tips and tricks, such as how to take pictures hands-free with your phone, just using your voice, or secret text hacks that let you draw messages with your fingertips.

Featured Image Credit: techgirljen/TikTok