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Shocking footage shows the difference between Tesla's summer and winter tires

Shocking footage shows the difference between Tesla's summer and winter tires

If you couldn't be bothered to change your tires with the seasons, Tesla is here to give you some hard truths.

If you live in an area that gets heavy snow coverage at any point during winter, you'll be well aware of the difference proper winter tires can make when driving in tough conditions.

They've got a different surface to smoother summer tires, helping you grip on slippery terrain.

This concept is just as accurate when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) as it is for traditional cars and trucks, and electric car giant Tesla has shared a powerful video which demonstrates it perfectly.

It succinctly shows the same Tesla hitting the brakes at the same speed on snow with summer and winter tires equipped.

Unsurprisingly, the car with winter tires does a great job of slowing quickly, with what looks like a really manageable braking distance.

By contrast, the car using summer tires just keeps on going, making it obvious that it would struggle to drive safely on roads - particularly if any other vehicles were around.

Summer tires might be better in hot conditions where they'll give you real control on tarmac, but they don't make any sense in winter - as the name suggests.

X / Tesla

Of course, some commenters under that post from Tesla have rightly pointed out there's a third option that isn't mentioned - all-season tires, which do a lot better than summer tires when winter rolls around.

These are widely used and are a really solid middle ground, but still can't quite match a winter tire for grip in snow, according to most experts.

That was echoed by a post from selenaxtesla, who said: "I ran two winters on all seasons and now have winter tires, mainly because my daughter started driving and I wanted it to be as safe as possible for her. Although AS are decent, true winters are another level".

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

Of course, if you're really looking for a vehicle that can survive extreme weather conditions, we're sure Tesla would point you towards its cult pickup: the hulking Cybertruck.

It has true off-road capabilities and should be able to tackle snowy and icy conditions much more easily, although even then it would still benefit from swapping tires to suit those conditions where possible.

Whether you're driving a truck or a car, though, hopefully there is a quick and easy lesson to be learned from Tesla's post.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty