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Tesla owner leaves viewers horrified after preparing elaborate seafood boil inside her car

Tesla owner leaves viewers horrified after preparing elaborate seafood boil inside her car

We really wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

If you thought Teslas were just for driving around in, think again.

One of the weirder social media trends we've seen popping up recently is people cooking a full-on meal in some pretty weird and wonderful locations.

The latest in that long train seems to be someone's actual Tesla - Instagram user @alyssalauren has posted a video showing her somehow managing to cook a full seafood boil in her electric car, with the caption joking: "Elon baby we've come a long way."

The setup is alarmingly simple - she has an electric grill and pot combo that she powers from the car and balances on the middle armrest next to the driver's seat, with a chopping board precariously on her legs.

While she boils some water and melts some butter, she chops up potatoes and prepares the shrimp while mixing spices.

From there, it's a surprisingly straightforward matter of mixing everything up and cooking it through.

If you thought the cooking process would be the only risky thing happening here, though, you'd be wrong - the actual serving is pretty bananas too.

Instagram / @‌alyssalauren

The Instagrammer adds a layer of cling film to her chopping board before plating the food up right onto it, for maximum risk of splashing and dripping, we can only presume.

Given how pristine and white the interior finish of her Tesla is, we'd be absolutely dying of anxiety over potentially getting red spice stains onto the seats or trim - but maybe that's just us.

Unsurprisingly for this sort of content, the comments under the Reel are a wild ride. One comment with over 150,000 likes poses a very valid question: "Why is everyone so into cooking everywhere but their kitchen[?]".

Another agrees with our worries by practically shouting: "WITH THE WHITE INTERIOR. YOU'RE SO BRAVE."

Instagram / @‌alyssalauren

One common thread through many of the responses is summed up by this comment: "Can you imagine how funky her car smells[?]". That's a pretty logical question given that she's chosen to specifically cook seafood, a famously pungent option, and boil it for an even more potentially pervasive smell.

Still, the inescapable part of the video is that the results don't look too bad at all, albeit they might look a lot better if they were cooked in a kitchen with easier and bigger appliances to rely on.

So, if you're just getting finished with a drive through a graveyard to spot ghosts with your Tesla's sensors, maybe you can add cooking seafood to your late-night plans?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @‌alyssalauren