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'Iron Man' Cybertruck goes viral but people have the same complaint

'Iron Man' Cybertruck goes viral but people have the same complaint

People seem to think the Cybertruck is missing one key color.

The Cybertruck is one of the most futuristic-looking road vehicles available to buy right now, but there are always ways you could customize it further.

One such option has just popped up on X (formerly known as Twitter), but it hasn't been met with unanimous approval.

The account @BigImpactHumans has reposted a video of someone's Cybertruck rolling out of the shop after getting a new paint job (or possibly a wrap).

It's changed from the Cybertruck's default metallic finish into a deep and luscious red, heavily reminiscent of the color of Iron Man's armor in his many Marvel movie outings.

The video has a caption over the screen saying it's what it would look like "If Iron Man had a Cybertruck", suggesting that this might have been the aim of its new look.

While the immediate responses are really positive about that lovely shade of red, with one comment calling it "my favorite burgundy red!", there's also been a fairly common reply.

Namely, people seem to be pointing out that the truck doesn't have any bronze or gold notes on it, which would really complete the Iron Man colour scheme to more closely match his suit.

LilHumansBigImpact/ X

That's summed up by one response: "Bronze Wheels could make it look more Iron man style".

Of course, that would only really make sense if we assume that the driver actually wanted an Iron Man Cybertruck, rather than a red one that just so happens to look a bit like something Tony Stark would drive.

With car wraps now very popular, it's likely we'll start to see more Cybertrucks getting makeovers in the coming weeks and months.

It makes sense that there's an overlap between Iron Man fans and Tesla owners, too, since so many have compared Tesla's owner Elon Musk with the fictional billionaire Tony Stark down the years (charitably, in some people's view).

It's true that Musk is working on future-looking tech all the time, much like that Marvel hero, and the Cybertruck is the latest in a decent line of innovations.


It seems to have proved popular so far, although Musk recently confirmed that only a "few hundred" have actually been delivered to customers, so it's spreading fairly slowly as Tesla ramps up production.

We've seen celebrities like Pharrell Williams driving his Cybertruck already, but there have also been concerns raised by observers around the truck's safety measures (thanks to the now-infamous "carrot test").

Featured Image Credit: LilHumansBigImpact/ X