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Pharrell goes viral after struggling to parallel park his Cybertruck

Pharrell goes viral after struggling to parallel park his Cybertruck

We can't blame him - it's not exactly a small vehicle…

It's been fun watching people finally get their hands on the Cybertrucks they've had reserved for years, now that Tesla is finally pumping out its latest electric vehicle.

The hulking electric truck has plenty of interesting features and and a futuristic design, but one thing that you can't avoid is that it's a really large car.

And this is clearly catching a few new owners out, as it becomes a more common sight on highways and in cities.


Step forward mega-producer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams, who was spotted trying valiantly to park his massive new EV in central Miami recently - and ultimately being forced to give up.

Many people would agree that parallel parking is one of the most difficult parts of driving any car, but things are made all the more challenging when your vehicle is as big as the Cybertruck, which lies at a massive 18.6 feet long.

It's a Tesla, so you get loads of on-board cameras to help you, and a 360-degree view to make sure you don't crunch into anything without warning - but all the help in the world can't shrink the truck down.

Pharrell apparently tried for nearly 10 minutes before accepting his fate and handing the car over to a valet, who we can only assume sorted things out with a bit less trouble.

With its hard angles and pointy edges, the Cybertruck is probably a car that will take drivers longer to get used to than most, and there have been plenty of road bumps for new owners since it started shipping in November 2023.


That said, some drivers might find that parking isn't so challenging as Pharrell has made it seem - after all, the Cybertruck actually features rear-wheel steering to help get its turning radius even smaller, making it a bit more maneuverable than some comparable utility trucks.

Still, there's no getting around its power or how recognizable it is - right now, it's probably the most impossible-to-miss vehicle you can legally drive.

And Pharrell isn't the only celebrity to hop onto Tesla's Cybertruck hype - Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian have been pictured in the truck, and when director Spike Lee picked up his he described it as a "spaceship on four wheels".

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/roxanar_pr