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Tesla is sending out texts to Cybertruck reservation holders with important message

Tesla is sending out texts to Cybertruck reservation holders with important message

If you've managed to reserve one of Elon Musk's electric pickups, you might want to check your phone.

For many of us, Cybertrucks live on the internet.

After all, they only started being delivered to customers a month and a half ago, meaning there aren't loads of Elon Musk's electric pickups on the roads yet - plus, you'd be lucky if you're able to afford the vehicle's staggering prices.

So what if you hadn't managed to yet see a Cybertruck IRL, but still wanted to check it out?

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Or what if you've managed to reserve a truck, but still have no idea what it actually looks like in person?

It looks like Tesla might be encouraging people to head down to dealerships to see the futuristic pickup for themselves.

Reddit user Xaxxus posted on the subreddit r/cybertruck: 'Tesla is sending out text messages to come check out the Cybertruck display units in dealerships.'

They posted what looked to be a screenshot of a text message from Tesla, saying: 'We wanted to share that the Tesla Cybertruck is now on display at Tesla Yorkdale.'

The catch? It looks like this Redditor received the message because they are 'a reservation holder' - meaning they've put down a deposit for a Cybertruck, and will receive one when it's ready.

And it's not just offering up the opportunity to see the divisive vehicle in the flesh.


The message also said: 'Additionally, you can experience the Tesla powertrain with a demo drive in one of our other cars during your visit, which would also forgo the need to wait in line.'

The powertrain is essentially what gives the vehicle juice to propel it forward, and can be experienced in any Tesla model.

Its cars and trucks are powered by lithium ion cells - and at the moment, the Cybertruck is offered in three different drive configurations: rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor on the rear axle, all-wheel drive with two e-motors, and the most powerful option, a tri-motor all-wheel drive.

Some people have jumped into the Reddit comments to share their own experiences with seeing the Cybertruck at a dealership.

"I was there today. Windows up. Bed closed. Doors closed. Staff can’t even touch it. Tesla staffer said he was dying to sit in it. Looked cooler in person than in photos but it was kind of a lame experience considering people are driving them on the streets already," one said.

But seeing the truck IRL has worked on some Redditors.

One person wrote: "I had an invite to order, went to see our local CT, then drove a demo X, and a week later went ahead and ordered the AWD FS [all-wheel drive foundation series]."

Featured Image Credit: Xaxxus/Reddit / @‌cybrtrkguy/X