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People stunned after seeing reciept for breakdown cost of Tesla Cyberbeast

People stunned after seeing reciept for breakdown cost of Tesla Cyberbeast

You won't believe how much a top-range Cybertruck will set you back.

How much would you be willing to shell out for a Cybertruck?

Tesla's electric pickup has received a wild amount of hype ever since it started being delivered to customers a month ago.

People can't get over the features the car boasts - from its stainless steel exoskeleton to its speed, which is said to be faster than a sports car - but what is also turning heads is the price for all of that.

Back in 2019, Tesla said the base model would start at $39,900 (£31,500), while the tri-motor, long-range model would be $69,900 (£55,200).

But when the trucks eventually came out - after being plagued with manufacturing delays - the price had rocketed.

And now, a Reddit user is going viral for sharing just how much he's willing to spend on the top range Cyberbeast.

"How dumb of a financial decision is this," asked Reddit user sandstorm4788 on the subreddit r/cybertruck, before posting a breakdown of his receipt.

The base price for the Cyberbeast is a gob-smacking $99,990 (£79,000) - and then a whole lot more charges are stacked on top of that.

It looks like the Reddit user paid an extra $20,000 (£16,000) to be part of the foundation series - meaning they're one of the first people to get their hands on a Cybertruck. There's also the 'destination fee' of $1,995 (£1,570), which transports the vehicle from the factory to your location, as well as a $250 (£200) order fee.

That brings the bill up to $122,235 (£96,030) for the flashy pickup - oh, but that's not all. Then you've got to add on all the non-Tesla fees - including the registration amount and tire fee - bringing the total up to a frankly staggering $135,273.83 (£106,275.54).


As you can probably imagine, things have been kicking off in the comment section as people can't believe just how much money that is.

"The dumb part will be a year from now when it’s only worth half what you paid for it," one Redditor noted.

Another joked: "It's really smart actually...if you plan on living in it. $1850 for a combined house & car payment is very reasonable."

But a lot of people had the same thought. "It's obviously not smart, I'm in the same situation fighting myself everyday now. I want it I can afford it but it's not smart," one said.

The original poster agreed with this sentiment in the comments section, and wrote: "I don’t need it but want it."

Some weren't too perturbed by it all - one wrote: "Oh it's an awful financial decision, any new vehicle is. But if you can comfortably afford it then go for it and enjoy!"

It looks like sandstorm4788 is pretty set on their decision, and commented: "I make $200k a year and have $300k saved in investments. I’m sure this ain’t the best thing to put my money towards. But I just want that dream truck after working my ass off and waiting 4 years."

Featured Image Credit: ROBYN BECK / Contributor/Getty Images/Sandstorm4788 / Reddit