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Reddit user spots hidden Cybertruck feature that no-one else has mentioned

Reddit user spots hidden Cybertruck feature that no-one else has mentioned

Blink and you'll miss this hidden Cybertruck feature.

There's been so much hype around Tesla's Cybertrucks, it almost feels like we've unpacked every tiny detail around the cult pickup.

But just over a month since the first trucks were delivered to customers, we're still uncovering new details.

One Reddit user has posted a picture of the Cybertruck on the subreddit r/cybertruck - the door is open and the window is ever so slightly up.

Reddit user Ahmed104 accompanied it with the caption: "I didn't see this mentioned anywhere; on the delivery event, when the Cybertruck door opens, the window roll up little, and when the door is closed window roll down again."

Essentially, if your Cybertruck window is fully down and you open the door, it looks like the window will slightly roll up - as seen in the image.

But why would it do this?

Reddit users have been flocking to the comments with theories.

"Window up braces it against the sill for stability, I think?" one Redditor suggested.

Another mused: "My guess is that the window is held better when it's slightly up from the lowest position, so it doesn't rattle around/gets damaged if you shut the door," and a third had a similar idea: "Guessing it's to brace the glass as the door slams closed... likely has less lateral stability when fully down."

If that all sounds a bit technical, someone has broken that down as clearly as possible: "It's to prevent the windows from rattling."

And it would seem like this could be standard in vehicles with frameless windows, with Redditors hopping into the comments to say the same thing happens in Audi and Porsche cars.

Cybertrucks are now out in the wild.
FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor / Getty

All this, and one commenter suggested it's actually a secret design choice, saying: "It is also an Easter egg silhouette of the Cybertruck."

Ultimately, this Redditor is just happy it's not a design fault: "I was watching the event and actually had a slight heart attack thinking the windows don’t go all the way down. Then I saw them go back down after the door closed and all was good in the world again."

After all, we'd very much hope that a vehicle as expensive as the Cybertruck doesn't come with any flaws.

One Redditor recently went viral after posting a breakdown of the cost for a top-of-the-range Cyberbeast - with the bill, complete with things like destination fees and non-Tesla costs, coming in at a gobsmacking $122,235 (£96,030).

If you did want to have your own Cybertruck, the basic model starts at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200) - but for that, you'd still get the shatter-resistant windows, stainless steel exoskeleton, and 'faster than a sports car' speeds. Plus, they're still relatively rare, so you'd likely get a whole lot of attention on the roads.

Featured Image Credit: Ahmed104 / Reddit