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Man shares ‘anxiety-inducing’ photo of Cybertruck parked in his garage and everyone is pointing out the same thing

Man shares ‘anxiety-inducing’ photo of Cybertruck parked in his garage and everyone is pointing out the same thing

Let's just say this Tesla fan is incredibly good at parking.

No matter how good at parking you might think you are, chances are you've got nothing on this X user.

Content creator Paul Clark (@pclark15) is one of the first Tesla fans to get their hands on a Cybertruck since the futuristic pickup started being delivered to customers a month ago.

He also seems to be the owner of a white Tesla Model Y, causing many people to ask the same question: do both vehicles fit in one double garage?

Well, the answer is yes - but not particularly easily.

Clark posted a picture of his two Teslas in one garage, and let's just say it's an extremely tight squeeze.

"They do fit!" Clark insisted in his caption - but the image is making people feel all kinds of ways.

"There is no way in hell I’d ever attempt this. My anxiety has been triggered from this pic," one X user commented, while another jokingly asked: "Did you have to climb out through the air vents?".

Others were frankly just impressed by Clark's skills: "Very nice parking, tight squeeze," someone else said.

But maybe it's just the angle of the shot, as Clark said in the comments he could still 'comfortably' get in and out of all doors.

Clark has been showing off plenty of the Cybertruck's cool features - including the 'Defrost Truck' setting.

On a chilly morning in Austin, Texas, Clark selected this mode and in a timelapse video you can see the frost disappear from the windscreen.

He's also showed off the truck's powerful single windscreen wiper in action - which has gone viral for how much it might cost to replace (that's $240 or £189) - as well as some of the lower tech features, like the bottle opener in the boot.

Then there's the incredibly cute 'Dog Mode', which you can select if you're stepping away from the car and have your pooch inside. It keeps the AC pumping and there's an alert on the big screen at the front telling anyone passing by who's concerned: 'My driver will be back soon' and an indication of what the temperature is inside.

All of that is impressive, but you'd have to have a lot in the bank if you wanted to nab a Cybertruck - and that's not even taking the waiting list into account.

According to Tesla, there are three models on offer - the rear-wheel-drive version starts at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200), and the high-end Cyberbeast might set you back around $99,990 (£79,000).

Featured Image Credit: gnashville / Reddit @pclark15 / X