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Tesla reveals crazy Cybertruck prices

Tesla reveals crazy Cybertruck prices

You'd need seriously deep pockets to afford Tesla's futuristic EV.

After a somewhat rocky road since Elon Musk made the first announcement four years ago, Tesla has finally delivered the first Cypertruck pickups to customers.

The angular electric trucks look like something out of a sci-fi movie - and they took a long time to come together, with manufacturing hiccups meaning it was running two years behind schedule.

The Cybertruck looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

And this is only the first dozen or so trucks - uncertainty still remains over the future of large-scale Cybertruck production.

In typical Musk fashion, the news was delivered in a bombastic ceremony - which was obviously broadcast on X, formerly known as Twitter, which the billionaire bought last year.

Musk was front and centre: he started things off by driving the truck onto a stage at the Tesla factory outside of Austin, Texas, and hopping out to say: “It's the most unique thing on the road. Finally the future will look like the future.”

It looks cool, but the Cybertruck is way behind schedule.

It certainly looks futuristic - and has the attributes to match. According to Tesla, the Cybertruck is "faster than a sports car" - it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds - and has an "ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton" paired with "shatter-resistant Armor Glass" - which can apparently resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph (although we really hope your truck won't get into that kind of situation).

To prove his point, at the event Musk even threw a baseball at the windows and it didn't crack - a much better result than when a Tesla executive hurled a metal ball at a prototype's supposedly shatterproof windows back in 2019, causing it to crack.

It all sounds great, but the catch? The Cybertruck will cost you a pretty penny - and a whole lot more than originally indicated.

There are three models of the Cybertruck: Tesla said a rear-wheel-drive version would start at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200), and the high-end 'Cyberbeast' might set you back around $99,990 (£79,000).

Compare that to the price of a Tesla car - which already tend to be more expensive than many other brands on the market. A standard Model 3 car retails at $35,000 (£39,990).

And compare the Cybertruck's prices with what Tesla said in 2019 - that the base model would start at $39,900 (£31,500), while the tri-motor, long-range model would be $69,900 (£55,200).

If you had deep enough pockets for that - and somehow made your way to the front of the line to get your hands on a truck - there are plenty of add-ons you can spend your money on.

You can genuinely buy a decal to look like you've smashed your window.
X / Elon Musk

For the grand price of $55 (£43), you can actually buy what Tesla's calling the 'Cypbertruck OMFG Decal' - which you place onto one of the windows, making it look like it's cracked. We're not joking - Tesla is actually selling a product to make it look like your window is broken.

Despite the prices, it would seem that company is having no problem with demand - during Tesla's earnings conference call last month, Musk said "over 1 million people" have reserved the truck, while still acknowledging the "enormous challenges" to mass producing it.

“We dug our own grave with Cybertruck,” he said, while predicting Tesla wouldn't reach reach its production target of 250,000 per year until 2025.

Featured Image Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor / SUZANNE CORDEIRO / Contributor / Getty