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Tesla driver shares his costings for 6 months of electric and how much money it's saved him on fuel

Tesla driver shares his costings for 6 months of electric and how much money it's saved him on fuel

If you want to keep those bills down, you might want to go electric.

We've already seen one story going viral this week of a driver rightfully boasting about managing to avoid paying any money to charge their Tesla in nearly a year.

Now we've got another successful low-cost Tesla story emerging.

X (formerly known as Twitter) user Bilal Sattar has shared costings for the last six months, showing how much he paid to refuel on the roughly 10,000 miles he drove.

The total comes out at $573.55 (£452.26), a pretty paltry amount when compared to the estimated cost of fuel on a comparable car driving the same distance - a massive $2,392 (£1,886).

The screenshots come directly from the Tesla app, which offers this handy comparison as a way of underlining the smart decision that all of its drivers have made by switching to electric.

It's a canny idea, but it's fair to say that even among EV drivers Sattar has done very well to drive that distance at such a low cost.

Checking his Twitter feed for more clues, it's clear that Sattar is canny with his destinations, and often picks stopping points that have free chargers (which are rare and often only act as pilots for new charging locations).

You have to go back to last October to find the real key to Sattar's success, though - he shared an electric bill that shows he actually put wattage into the grid rather than taking it out.

There's only really one way to do that for most people - solar panels. It looks a lot like Sattar also uses solar charging to offset his energy usage or even account for it completely.

So, this is actually another case to underline how a home solar array can get you driving around at almost no cost at all, which should persuade plenty of people that they should add panels to their home if they can.

After all, if you got the chance to rack up 10,000 miles like Sattar and only have to pay $573 for it, you'd probably snap the hand off of whoever was making you the offer.

And there are other great examples of people using innovative ways to power things more effectively, like the Cybertruck owner who used their vehicle to work their coffee machine after freezing temperatures caused a power outage at home.

Additionally, if you're a Cybertruck fan, read how drivers have managed to discover this hilarious Easter egg feature.

Featured Image Credit: @‌bilalsattar/ X