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Cybertruck owner uses vehicle to work their coffee machine after freezing temperatures cause power outage in home

Cybertruck owner uses vehicle to work their coffee machine after freezing temperatures cause power outage in home

No power? No problem.

Large parts of the Northern Hemisphere are going through a major cold snap right now, with temperatures plummeting and icy conditions all over the place.

Those unlucky enough to suffer power outages will likely be ruing the day they didn't secure any kind of backup power - but you might be able to find help in unexpected places.

TikTok user posted a video today demonstrating how they were able to use a Cybertruck's power bank to plug in their coffee machine and get an everyday luxury - even though their local power was completely blown out.

"Freezing temperatures here in San Antonio, Texas have knocked out the power to our home, thankfully due to the awesome functionality of Tesla Cybertruck we were able to overcome the power outage and get our much-needed coffee," captioned the video.

The Cybertruck has a massive battery in it, after all, so like many utility vehicles you can use it to power up your gadgets.

Obviously, bigger appliances will drain it more quickly, but something small like the coffee maker likely won't pose any issue.

People have already replied on social media to say they've done similar things with other EVs - proving it's a really useful option when power does go down.


Some people might prefer to have a dedicated backup generator if they've got a particularly remote or sizeable property that they want to be able to fully power if the grid goes down, but if you're more concerned about having power in a pinch, it's pretty cool that your car can double up and tick that box too.

The Cybertruck has five different power outlets, with three in the truck's bed and two in the cabin, so it offers plenty of options - and that's not all it can manage.

If you install a Tesla Powerwall in your home (most likely in the garage) you can actually connect your Cybertruck to it and power your entire home until the truck runs out of juice.

The Powerwall is basically a massive battery that can act as a backup for your home and store electricity when it's not needed - and it could become a way more common sight as people realize how useful it can be in adverse weather like this.

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