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Cybertruck drivers discover hilarious Easter egg feature

Cybertruck drivers discover hilarious Easter egg feature

Tesla seems to be poking fun at itself with this one.

Say what you want about Elon Musk, but you can't deny he's got a sense of humor.

That's what Cybertruck owners have discovered with this hidden feature in the Tesla pickup - and it's making the rounds on social media.

X user @Teslaconomics posted the video of someone discovering this feature, and suitably losing their mind over it.

The video shows a Cybertruck driver tapping the screen on the dashboard. The screen shows a picture of the truck - and when you double-tap the window, a crack appears.

This is a call back to when the Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019. Promising 'shatter-resistant Armor Glass', Tesla said the windows could resist the impact of a baseball thrown at 70 mph. At the event, Tesla's chief designer lobbed a metal ball at one of the windows to prove its strength - but the window cracked. Not once, but twice.

As you can probably imagine, it was all pretty embarrassing for Tesla. The company managed to save a bit of face at the delivery event in November 2023, when the designer softly threw a baseball at the window - which stayed intact on this occasion.

Now, it seems like Tesla is making fun of itself with the Cybertruck fake crack feature, and @Teslaconomics posted the video (next to a picture of the original truck with the cracked windows) with the caption: "Elon, you a fool for this one. Thanks for always making a Tesla so much fun."

The 2019 launch event didn't exactly go to plan for Tesla.
FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor / Getty

And billionaire Musk himself responded to the post, writing back: "We like to put little fun Easter eggs in our cars. Small, unexpected delights are part of what makes life worth living."

The Cybertruck's popularity seems to be going nowhere - with Teslaconomics' original post racking up 466.3K views and Musk's reply with 5.9K likes.

It's not the only Easter egg hidden in the Tesla truck. A Reddit post has recently stirred up conversation around the Cybertruck's windows - when open, they slightly roll up when the door is shut.

It would seem like this is for stability, so they don't rattle around or get damaged when you shut the door, but one commenter noticed the shape of the window.

They noted: "It is also an Easter egg silhouette of the Cybertruck."

Featured Image Credit: @‌AstroJordy/X