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Man shares his final Cybertruck invoice in full and people are astounded by the total amount

Man shares his final Cybertruck invoice in full and people are astounded by the total amount

You'd need a whole lot of cash if you want to buy Elon Musk's latest release.

Tesla's cult electric pickup, the Cybertruck, has become known for many things - its futuristic design, fun features... and a hefty price tag.

When the trucks started hitting the road at the end of 2023, Tesla informed us just how much they would cost customers - and it was a whole lot more than Elon Musk's company originally intended.

Tesla said a rear-wheel-drive version would start at an estimated $60,990, and the high-end 'Cyberbeast' might set you back around $99,990.

We're now seeing what the reality of this actually means - with all the hidden extras that come with buying a new vehicle.

Reddit user tenfthigher has posted on the subreddit r/cybertruck: 'VIN Assigned! Here is what the final invoice looks like.'

This Redditor has received their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - the 17-character unique code that means their car is on the way.

Let's have a look at the numbers. The total vehicle price is $102,235 - and if you were wondering how the number got this high, one commenter helpfully posted a suggested breakdown: "AWD [all-wheel drive] $80k, Foundation Series $20K , Destination Fee $2k, Order Fee $250."

When you add in tax ($9,712) and amounts paid to government agencies and vendors ($1,295), we come to a whopping $113,242.

Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

This is particularly staggering when you know that the average truck price in December in the US was $59,000, according to valuation and automotive research company Kelley Blue Book - although that number would likely come in a bit higher when you add tax to the equation.

While tax will be different in different states - this Redditor said in the comments he's in California - people still can't believe just how much money that Cybertruck actually costs... and that's before you think about the monthly insurance bill.

"Sticker shock. This is why I didn't the trigger on my invite," one Redditor commented.

Another added: "$115k for an $80k vehicle. Not great."

While a third chimed in: "Absolutely insane….!"

But not everyone is so negative - other comments included, "Super cool!!" and, "Price on this is not bad. I should have reserved one much earlier."

Other than a whole lot of bragging rights, if you did get your hands on a Cybertruck, you could be in for an absolute treat.

Some of the more unsung features include using the Powershare function to host the best tailgate party this Super Bowl, the fact you can defrost the windscreen from the comfort of your bed or even using it to make your morning coffee when the power's out.

Plus, you could always make a bit of cash back by renting your truck out for the day.

Featured Image Credit: jda6 / tenfthigher/Reddit