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Setting that allows you to defrost your Tesla whilst still in bed hailed many owners' ‘favorite’ feature

Setting that allows you to defrost your Tesla whilst still in bed hailed many owners' ‘favorite’ feature

Tesla fans are raving about this genius feature that comes in handy during a cold snap.

There are so many benefits for owning any electric vehicle (EV), and there's no doubt one brand dominates the conversation: Tesla.

As much of the Northern Hemisphere endures a crazy cold snap and spates of storms this month, though, one lesser known Tesla feature is getting its dues from grateful drivers – the defrost option.

There's nothing worse than hopping into a frigid car and having to wait until it heats up and defrosts the windshield.


Well, this setting lets you start the defrosting process while still in bed - all you need to do is head to the Tesla app on your phone and tap a few buttons.

This eliminates the need to laboriously scrape clear the windshield and windows in order to be able to safely drive without massive visual impediments.

And it works incredibly fast - as you can see in Tesla's video, which shows the process take less than 20 seconds.

You can see how popular the feature is from the comments under that video, too, including one with over 1,000 thumbs-up reactions vouching for it: "This is one of the many reasons thousands of Norwegians own a Tesla. Why the heck scrape the windows if you don’t have to… love this feature".

On a more practical note, another user notes that "if you are plugged in, which most people are at home, there's no drain on the battery to warm up the car", which is a handy insight into just how beneficial it can be.

In fact, this is a particularly interesting feature since one occasional criticism of the Tesla Model 3 is that its door handles can easily become frozen shut - they need to be flipped out to open, and ice can make that a real challenge in truly cold situations.


However, unless you're completely out of battery or need to leave at very short notice, it seems that using the 'Defrost Car' feature could be a great way around that problem.

Plus, you get to plant yourself in a heated seat without getting an unwelcome shock when you touch incredible chilly leather.

Here's the best news, too – the feature unsurprisingly works exactly the same on the newer Cybertruck. The only difference seems to a semantic one, with the in-app button relabeled to say 'Defrost Truck' instead of 'Car'.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla