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People baffled after Cybertruck owners test how waterproof its tonneau cover is

People baffled after Cybertruck owners test how waterproof its tonneau cover is

Say what you want about the Cybertruck, but its tonneau cover does a pretty incredible job.

The Cybertruck has been catching shade from some quarters about its build quality in recent weeks - but some Tesla fans are keen to point out the positive features of the electric pickup.

YouTube channel Our Cyber Life has uploaded a video in which they test the waterproofing of the Cybertruck's retractable tonneau cover, which can scroll out to cover the truck's bed and whatever you might be carrying within it.

The headline news here is very good for those sitting in the Cybertruck's corner - its cover seems to do a tremendous job of keeping things in the bed dry.

As the couple retract the cover, it drips maybe one or two times over the bed, but everything has clearly stayed out of the rain, which is pretty ideal.

They then go a step further by getting out a hosepipe to test it under different angles, and work out that the truck bed is kept waterproof and there's actually a hidden drainage system to ensure that water doesn't pool on top of the cover.

This sees water trickle down towards the truck's cab and then drain seemingly through the Cybertruck's frame to drip out onto the tarmac below, and it looks like a pretty ingenious system.


The bed isn't 100% waterproof, though - there are a few drips into it when the hose is applied at harsh angles, but most people would agree that the tonneau looks like it's doing a terrific job, and the comments section under the video seem to very much agree.

"As a truck owner with a tonneau cover, this was a very good result for Cybertruck," one YouTuber wrote, and they're not alone.

The comments section is full of drivers comparing the results to their own existing trucks, alongside those waiting on Cybertruck pre-orders who are pleased with the testing and looking forward to getting behind the wheel of their own truck.

It's been a busy few weeks for the Cybertruck, too, with the vehicle now finally in people's driveways as Tesla starts to ship it out, and the reports have been mixed. Some are concerned by its potentially risky safety features, and others aren't thrilled with the insurance prices they're having to shell out.

Still, good news doesn't spread as rapidly as bad news, and it's clear that there are also plenty of drivers really enjoying their electric truck.

Featured Image Credit: OurCyberLife/YouTube