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Cybertruck owners share ‘ridiculously expensive’ insurance costs they pay each month for their vehicle

Cybertruck owners share ‘ridiculously expensive’ insurance costs they pay each month for their vehicle

People can't believe how much monthly insurance could cost for a Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck isn't an inexpensive pickup - it starts from $60,990 in its cheapest possible variation, but if you add in all-wheel drive and more powerful motors you can quickly find that price rocketing up into truly premium territory.

So, it might be a bit like adding insult to injury when people start to calculate what sort of insurance they're going to have to pay each month to keep driving without fear of total loss in the event of a crash or some other failure.

A recent thread on the Cybertruck Subreddit has shone some light on just this issue, with commenters trading information on how much they're paying for their truck's monthly insurance - and some of the totals are shocking.

While many of the people commenting fall in the range of roughly $200-400 each month, some people have clearly been given a much harder time by their local insurance branch.

One user called ntally_00 said that they were first offered a staggering $5,900 price over six months, which comes out to just a hair under $1,000 monthly.

They rightly called that price "ridiculously expensive" and said that they tried another company and got $488 a month, which is still a heck of a high price tag.

Since the commenters in that thread are pretty much all Cybertruck enthusiasts there's not a lot of shock flying around at these figures, but it has to be said they're all pretty high compared to average insurance costs, which normally come in under $200.


While costs can depend on where you live and what version of the Cybertruck you're driving, it's still raising another barrier to entry for a car that has started to become a status symbol.

With celebrities like Pharrell Williams driving the Cybertruck, people obviously want to get in on the hype - but an extra $350 each month might not be something they can quite swing.

You can see that from a couple of isolated replies in the Reddit thread, with users responding by saying "I'm out" or "Jesus!" when they realize just how expensive owning and operating a Cybertruck could be.

But there could be other ways to save money with your Cybertruck if you do manage to get your hands on one - perhaps you could cut costs by charging it with solar energy you've collected, or you could even rent it out for an insane price to make some cash back.

Featured Image Credit: REDDIT/ somaliaveteran / jda6