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Inside MrBeast's one-room apartment he lives in despite making millions of dollars a year

Inside MrBeast's one-room apartment he lives in despite making millions of dollars a year

Is it what you expected?

MrBeast is well known for his absolutely massive YouTube videos, and with tens of millions of followers across a whole range of social media platforms, it would be easy to assume he lives a pretty glitzy lifestyle.

Well, that might be true at times, but a new video has showcased the one-room apartment that he most regularly lives in, and it's surprisingly mundane.

TV personality Howie Mandel was interviewing MrBeast, whose real name is James Donaldson, and managed to grab a quick tour of the area of the MrBeast empire where Donaldson spends his free time.

As Donaldson explains, although he has a house that he can go to when he wants, in order to cut down on driving and spend as much time as he can at work, he has a small apartment in the office.

This is basically a studio apartment, with a bed in the corner, a TV and couch, a gaming PC setup and a small bathroom ensuite.

You can see how amazed Mandel is at the modesty of the setup, which was toured before Mandel interviewed Donaldson on his podcast. It has some fun little knick-knacks in it, but is really not that full of stuff at all.

After checking out the apartment, they go out into a hallway just outside and get a look at a wall display of just some of the many channel awards that MrBeast's network has attracted.

YouTube sends a plaque to each channel that reaches 100,000 subscribers or more, then another when you hit a million, 10 million and 100 million.

MrBeast shows Howie Mandel around his apartment.
Getty/Steve Granitz / Contributor

MrBeast has so many successful channels that he has an impressive array of multiple 10 million subscriber plaques (albeit only one 100 million award, rare as they are). As he explains, many of these are for channels set up to run MrBeast videos that are translated and dubbed over.

That one-room living situation has people pretty amazed in the comments under Mandel's video, unsurprisingly, with one person writing in shock: "There's work from home, and then there's home at work".

Another person wrote, clearly impressed: "You can’t knock MB. Dude literally started with nothing and just committed his entire life to YT. From the bottom up".

Given that Fortune estimates the annual revenue of MrBeast's network of channels at somewhere between $500 and $700 million annually, it's pretty stunning to see someone who could presumably be living a life of leisure in mansions and aboard private jets instead choosing to live in such tight confines.

Perhaps the next step will be to build a more comfortable and slightly more luxurious abode on the doorstep of his studio but, in the meantime, it looks like we can all imagine MrBeast chilling out in his one-room world.

Featured Image Credit: Howie Mandel Does Stuff Clips/YouTube