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Shocking difference between twin who had Botox regularly and one who didn't

Shocking difference between twin who had Botox regularly and one who didn't

A study spanning nearly 20 years reveals the impact of long-term Botox use.

If you've ever wondered about the actual, long-term impact of Botox, look no further.

A study looked at identical twins over a period of 19 years to see the difference in long-term injectable use.

One of the twins had regular Botox injections, while the other only had it a handful of times.

William J. Binder

Botulinum toxin injections relax the muscles in the face, meaning they're often used to smooth out wrinkles - but it's not permanent, and wears out after around three to four months.

The first study looked at the twins in 2006, when they were 38. At that point, the first twin had been having regular injections for 13 years, in her forehead and glabellar region - which is the place just between your eyebrows, above your nose. She had those done about two to three times a year, and had injected her crow's feet twice in the past two years.

Meanwhile, the second twin had only received Botox twice - three and seven years before the analysis.

So what were the results? According to the study, lines on the forehead and glabellar region were 'not evident in the regularly treated twin', but they were in the other sister.

Crow's feet were reportedly 'less noticeable when the regularly treated twin smiled' compared to the minimally treated twin.

Anywhere that wasn't injected with Botox appeared to age pretty similarly in both twins, and neither experienced any adverse effects.

William J. Binder

The twins were studied again in 2014 - by then, the first twin had been continuing her regular Botox treatments, while the second twin had only had injections twice more.

The results were very similar, with the paper stating that continued Botox injections reduced the signs of facial aging.

What makes the results even more interesting is where the twins live - the first twin, who regularly got injectables, lived in Los Angeles, which tends to have a high UV index, while the other lived in Munich, German - with a low to moderate UV index.

Both used 45 to 50 SPF sunblock every day, while neither smoked.

While we wouldn't necessarily suggest you use this as a reason to go out and get Botox - after all, there's nothing wrong with showing signs of aging - it is interesting to see the longer-term impacts of injectables.

Featured Image Credit: American Medical Association