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Biohacker Bryan Johnson reveals his anti-aging skincare routine that he claims has decreased his skin’s age by over 20 years

Biohacker Bryan Johnson reveals his anti-aging skincare routine that he claims has decreased his skin’s age by over 20 years

Biohacker Bryan Johnson uses a surprisingly cheap drugstore product every morning.

Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson isn't shy about sharing the extreme measures he's taking to reverse his physical age.

Whether it's injecting himself with his teenage son's blood or taking over 100 supplements a day, he's doing everything he can to slow down something the rest of us see as inevitable.

And it's not just thinking about his internal health - his heart, lungs and everything else - but Johnson, 46, is also concerned with how he looks, and has just dropped his skincare routine.

In a recent YouTube video, Johnson divulged that he "kinda destroyed" his skin as a child by not wearing sunscreen, and now he's "paying the price".

Johnson's aim is to measure every organ of his body to see if he can slow down aging - he calls it Project Blueprint, and considering the skin is the largest organ in our body, it doesn't get left behind.

In the YouTube video, Johnson revealed his morning skincare routine, which surprisingly involves drugstore products. He washes his face with CeraVe's Acne Control Cleanser - which you can buy for $14.99 from Target - then following it with a moisturizer and a sunscreen.

So far, so remarkably achievable for someone who reportedly spends $2 million a year on Project Blueprint - but there's bad news in this area.

YouTube / Bryan Johnson

Johnson suggested that "creams don't move the needle" in terms of reversing the skin's aging - then taking us into his 'clinic' full of all the gadgets he uses to actually do this.

And needless to say, these machines aren't exactly something you can pick up for under 20 bucks from Target - some are used to measure his skin health (taking into account things like UV damage and pore size), while others are used to directly target the damage.

While Johnson isn't currently using all the machines he shows off - he says some come in and out of his rotation depending on the results they track - they include a machine using radio frequency technology (said to help boost collagen production and tighten up the skin), something called Tixel - that uses heat energy to smooth out the surface of your skin - and LED therapy, which he uses three times a week for 12 minutes. Johnson said the LED therapy uses red light and near infrared, and is "good for skin health, for healing".

YouTube / Bryan Johnson

Aside from all the gadgets, Johnson steers clear of the sun as much as possible - his giant kitchen windows are covered with a tint that filters out the UV rays, and when walking outside in the middle of the day he takes an umbrella with him.

And it seems to be working - when he started, Johnson said the markers suggested his skin's age was 64, and he's now got that down to between 37 and 42.

While most of us can't afford half of the machines Johnson regularly uses to boost his skin health, there's at least one smart - and cheap - takeaway we can adopt into our own lives.

And that's summed up by Johnson in the video, who recommends applying sunscreen and steering clear of the bright sun. He said: "Try to avoid damaging your skin, this happens when there's high UV."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Bryan Johnson