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People can’t believe how ‘unrecognizable’ biohacker Bryan Johnson looks in old YouTube video from 2017

People can’t believe how ‘unrecognizable’ biohacker Bryan Johnson looks in old YouTube video from 2017

Bryan Johnson's extreme anti-aging project seems to have dramatically changed his appearance.

Bryan Johnson has made a name for himself with his extreme dedication to turning back the clock on aging.

He takes over 100 supplements a day and reportedly spends $2 million a year on his project.

But he didn't start life as a biohacker - now 46, it's something he came to a bit later in life.

Instagram/ @bryanjohnson_

Johnson is a tech entrepreneur, who made a whole lot of cash after selling his payment processing tech business, Braintree, to PayPal for $800 million a decade ago.

He's said he used to work ridiculous hours and not pay enough attention to his physical or mental health. He used to "overeat", he said in a YouTube video, and his diet was made up of way too much processed foods - which had a knock-on impact on the quality of his sleep and his mood.

So he decided to make a change, and founded Project Blueprint in 2021 - his endeavor to measure every part of his body and reverse aging.

But back in 2018, Project Blueprint was barely a glimmer in Johnson's eye.

A video of the entrepreneur giving a keynote speech at Web Summit in Portugal back in 2017 has recently been making the rounds, as people can't believe how different he looked just over six years ago.

"Omg he is a completely different person," one comment reads, and that seems to be a common theme - with another chiming in: "OMG; Blueprint changed him very much," and a third writing: "You look totally different."

While the occasional comment is less than complimentary - such as: "He looks healthier here than he does now" - most people are flocking to praise Johnson's progress.

Bryan Johnson/YouTube

"Seeing this made me realize he might have actually aged in reverse," one YouTuber wrote.

Another said: "Old Bryan looks like New Bryan's Dad!"

While a third added: "Seeing the transformation in Bryan is amazing. He looks fantastic in 2017. But he looks superhuman now! Gives the 'common man' (or woman) reason to believe his accomplishments are attainable by all."

We're not entirely sure on that last part, because not only is Johnson's anti-aging routine expensive - he's said he's invested "millions of dollars building the world’s leading anti-aging protocol, becoming the most measured human in history" - but it's also time consuming.

From working out for around an hour each day, spending all that time getting measured, eating his final meal at 11am before going to sleep at half eight in the evening, it sounds like a pretty tricky routine to fit in around a regular day job.

Featured Image Credit: Horacio Villalobos / Contributor /Getty / Bryan Johnson/Instagram