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Artist gives Jeremy Allen White the 'perfect face' according to science

Artist gives Jeremy Allen White the 'perfect face' according to science

The artist used the golden ratio to transform Jeremy Allen White's face.

There's not doubt about it: Jeremy Allen White is one of the most famous people on the planet right now.

From starring as Carmy in The Bear to his new film The Iron Claw and that viral Calvin Klein campaign, he's everywhere.

Well, that hasn't stopped someone from trying to 'improve' on a face that has captured the imaginations of many, many people around the world in recent months.

Artist José Antonio Saliba - who goes by @jose_arrt on Instagram - has gone viral for editing headshots of incredibly famous celebrities, seeing what they'd look like if their faces fit into a theoretically perfect template.

This template means realigning their features to fit into a golden ratio-inspired system and, in White's case, it makes him end up looking like something of a mid-90s male model.

That means sharper cheekbones, a harder jawline and a slightly more sculpted nose - all of these changes undoing the things that make his face unique. There are also subtle hints of traditional airbrushing, removing blemishes and tiny wrinkles from view.

Unsurprisingly, but perhaps reassuringly, the comments under the video have plenty of people disputing the results and saying they much prefer White without the editing, including one comment with over 6,500 likes: "He’s unconventionally attractive, that’s what makes him attractive".

José Antonio Saliba/Instagram

That sentiment is echoed by another comment that also has some 1,800 likes to vouch for it: "I prefer the natural 'average' face. His imperfections make him so hot".

The golden ratio is a famous historical design concept that relies on mathematics to create symmetry and perfect ratios, but that doesn't mean there's no room for less carefully designed aesthetics.

While White's face morph by Saliba is getting the most attention right now, there are other examples you can check out on his Instagram page, including Timothee Chalamet and Ariana Grande.

In fairness to Saliba, if his intention is to start conversations about our standards for celebrities and to demonstrate that people who don't fit into conventional expectations can still be scorching hot, then he might have succeeded completely.

Featured Image Credit: José Antonio Saliba