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AI imagines how celebrities would look like with ‘normal’ jobs and it’s bizarre

AI imagines how celebrities would look like with ‘normal’ jobs and it’s bizarre

Kim Kardashian, Oprah and Drake are all featured in the hilarious AI experiment.

Celebrities: they're very much not like us.

In fact, for many famous figures, their natural habitats seem to be multi-million dollar yachts, mega mansions or red carpets, judging by social media.

We love to look at their glamorous lifestyles online, but you could be forgiven for wondering how they would deal with our decidedly more normal lives.

Kim Kardashian isn't normally seen in scrubs.
@smoozus / Instagram

Well, AI has come up with the goods - by envisioning what some of the most famous people on the planet would look like if they worked a regular job - such as Kim Kardashian as a certified nursing assistant.

As you can probably imagine, the results are pretty hilarious.

It's all done by Christian Smooth, AKA @smoozus on Instagram, a filmmaker and self-proclaimed 'provocateur'.

He used the popular AI program Midjourney - which has also given us gems like what the average dog owner looks like or what Europeans think Americans look like from each state.

“It takes about 30 minutes to get the prompt right, going over outfits and everything,” Smooth told the New York Post.

“Actually producing the photos takes no time at all.”

Will Smith isn't jumping for joy to be working at a fast food joint.
@smoozus / Instagram

So let's break down some of the top celebs pictured - first is Fresh Prince star Will Smith as the manager of a fast food restaurant, and we've got to say he doesn't look particularly thrilled at his position.

Michelle Obama was done dirty with this one.
@smoozus / Instagram

There's also First Lady Michelle Obama selling hot dogs dressed as a hot dog - we actually have no words for that one, it's just so silly.

We're just happy 50 Cent is happy.
@smoozus / Instagram

Rapper 50 Cent is pictured as a 'proud' used car salesman - and while he does look suitably chuffed to be there, not everyone in the comments was so convinced it actually looks like him.

"That must be 45 Cent," one person joked.

Drake hard at work making your favorite sandwich.
@smoozus / Instagram

Both Drake and Chris Brown were sent to the kitchen, with Drake working at a sandwich shop, and Brown transformed into a hibachi chef.

We'd most definitely buy a pair of shoes off Oprah.
@smoozus / Instagram

Talk show host extraordinaire Oprah Winfrey took a break from being an internationally recognized brand, instead looking rather chuffed to be a manager at Foot Locker in the brand's iconic black and white striped top.

Lizzo looks like she's got a lot on her plate as a retail manager.
@smoozus / Instagram

And some other highlights include Lizzo - looking perturbed as a manager at Target - and DJ Khaled as the most forlorn taxi driver we've ever seen.

It's all pretty relatable, with one Instagram user commenting: "Gotta make that money to pay those bills."

DJ Khaled is one of the many celebs AI has visualized in regular jobs.
@smoozus / Instagram

When another asked why Kim Kardashian was pictured as a nursing assistant and Michelle Obama as a hot dog vendor (which admittedly does feel like a rough deal for the former first lady), Smooth replied: "I wanted to be outrageous."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: smoozus/Instagram