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What AI thinks you look like based off what dog breed you own

What AI thinks you look like based off what dog breed you own

Dog owners: do you think this stacks up?

They say dogs tend to look like their owners, and that's certainly the case in a wacky new AI experiment.

Sure, AI might be able to make world-changing breakthroughs like self-driving cars and ChatGPT, but let's face it - right now we're a bit more interested in what it thinks the average person looks like based on the dog breed they own.

And luckily, AI image generator Midjourney has come up with the goods - but the real question is, do you agree with its analysis?

Let's dive in...

The German shorthaired pointer owner looks a bit threatening tbh.

First up, we've got an adorable duo of German shorthaired pointers and their, er, slightly threatening owner. We're sure he's a nice guy, but he's also got a bit of a 'Doomsday prepper' air about him.

Yep, this about stacks up.

This feels about right - this is definitely the kind of pug owner we're used to seeing out and about. Although something is a bit off-putting about this image - safe to say AI hasn't come across many pugs in its time, because they're rarely that massive.

Labradors are normally surrounded by kids, but this also works.

According to the American Kennel Club, before 2022 labradors were the top dog breed for a massive 31 years (more on who took their crown later), so one thing's for sure - anyone and everyone has a lab. That's why we're not too fussed at what type of owner AI could come up with, because it could be anyone - although we're probably a bit more used to seeing labradors with a gaggle of kids surrounding them.

French bulldogs are now the most popular dog breed in America.

And here it is: the most popular dog breed in America as of last year, the French bulldog. This owner also feels about right - relaxed and a bit hipster.

The German shepherd owner is outdoorsy and chill.

We're not sure who has a more glorious head of hair in this photo: the German shepherd or its owner.

The Rottweiler and its owner actually look pretty sweet.

While Rottweilers don't always have the best reputation, anyone who owns one will know they're actually very sweet and lovable - so we like that this is reflected in the owner.

Golden retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America.

While this owner certainly looks like her golden retriever - her hair is kind of similar and she's wearing the right kind of golden/beige tones - again, we're more used to seeing retrievers with a whole bunch of kids.

AI has leaned into stereotypes for the daschund owner.

One thing about AI is it can really lean into stereotypes - and that's certainly seen in the sausage dog owner, who is shown as hipster who probably owns an independent coffee shop. Although we've got to say, he definitely is rocking that all-pink outfit - and we kind of love the dog's bandana.

Shout out to the poodle and its owner having matching hair.

AI also went down the obvious route for the poodle and its owner - but we can't deny that they're both working those haircuts.

Are giant schnauzers seriously that massive?

We know giant schnauzers are called that for a reason, but are they seriously that big? AI might have gone a bit too far with that one, but both the dog and owner are channelling an emo rocker vibe that feels about right.

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