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New iOS 18 charging limits could dramatically improve your battery life

New iOS 18 charging limits could dramatically improve your battery life

The new system update is expected to be a game-changer for your smartphone's battery health.

With its new software update, Apple has granted iPhone users greater control over their smartphone charging limits.

At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the tech company officially announced that iOS 18 would be publicly debuting later this year.

Chock-filled with unique design choices such as expanding bezels, ChatGPT integration and the introduction of ‘Apple Intelligence’ - the latest iOS system is arguably the company’s most ambitious yet.

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s keynote on Monday, the iOS 18 beta was made available for users enrolled in the Apple Developer programme.

Many have already installed the updated system on their mobiles and have been exploring the updated hardware.

One attribute that has people talking is the addition of optional limits where your battery charging is concerned.

iPhones have an internal, lithium-ion rechargeable battery and life and charge cycles vary with use and settings.

However, it’s recommended that you don’t fully charge your phone battery to keep it healthy and running at optimal capacity.

As introduced with iOS 17, the Charging section of an iPhone’s settings allows users to limit how much their battery can be charged.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

The optional limit, debuting in 2023, was 80 percent but now iOS 18 has taken this feature one step further by putting forward a range of options.

iPhone users with the software installed can now select a charge limit of 80, 85, 90, 95 or 100 percent charge.

This could dramatically improve your battery life and add a least a couple of weeks to its lifespan, says AppleInsider.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, a user who goes by the name of TeslaEnthusist discussed the new charging options.

“Your iPhone battery is like a Tesla’s battery, but now even more,” they wrote.

“You should not charge your phone, or EV battery to 100% every time it’s plugged in, to save the integrity of the battery health.

“In iOS 18, you officially have more customization with your battery [percent]. A slider from 80 to 100 [percent] has been added for all iPhone 15 models.”

Other users have also been expressing their thoughts on the new battery charging update, with one user typing: “iOS 18 preserving battery lifespan too?? Love it!!”

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

A second said: “For those iOS18 users at the moment if you go to the battery settings you can change the charge limit, where before it was 80% or 100% now you have a different choice which is awesome.”

“iOS 18 is looking like a banger update,” commented another. “I’m actually excited for everything but Apple Intelligence takes the backseat, believe it or not.

“I’m just hoping iOS 18 won’t strain the processor too much and in turn strain the battery more for previous iPhones, esp. iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

Following the iOS 18 beta period, the update should be widely released to Apple users in the fall of 2024.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty