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Apple's controversial new iOS 18 feature branded a ‘cheaters paradise’ amid backlash

Apple's controversial new iOS 18 feature branded a ‘cheaters paradise’ amid backlash

The system upgrade was finally unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

iPhone users are divided following the reveal of Apple’s major iOS 18 update.

Yesterday, (June 10) the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) returned to Apple Park in California with a bang.

The tech showcase opened with a keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook and it was revealed that the company would be pushing into their version of artificial intelligence (AI), called Apple Intelligence.

Moreover, software updates for the Apple iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch were revealed - with the long-anticipated iOS 18 coming later this year.

The operating system is set to feature new-look app icons and give users the ability to rearrange widgets outside of the ridged grid system.

Moreover, iPhone users will be able to keep their apps hidden from prying eyes.

Explaining this feature, the official Apple website states: “iOS 18 gives users even more control with tools to manage who can see their apps, how contacts are shared, and how their iPhone connects to accessories,” says an update on the official site.

“Locked and hidden apps offer users peace of mind that information they want to keep private, such as app notifications and content, will not inadvertently be seen by others.


"Users can now lock an app; and for additional privacy, they can hide an app, moving it to a locked, hidden apps folder.

"When an app is locked or hidden, content like messages or emails inside the app are hidden from search, notifications, and other places across the system."

Not only can this feature obscure the app’s icon but it can alter the name on the home screen and even pause push notifications.

While this could be awesome for parents who need to keep banking and shopping apps private, it could promote some shady behavior in adults.

Taking to social media to have their say, one user of X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote that it was a ‘cheaters paradise’.

“On the Apple update you can hide and lock apps, and they won’t even come up if you search words in the search bar,” they continued.

A second said: “This new iOS18 update was made for cheaters by cheaters only. Now you can lock and hide apps. Ladies just focus on yourself and let that man cheat in peace. You don’t need that stress.”

“This new iOS 18 update is messy as hell,” claimed another. “They have a feature to ‘lock an app’ so if someone gets in your phone they can’t get to any of social media


“It will need a passcode or Face ID. Some IT developer at Apple got caught cheating and said “Nah, let me fix this’.”

However, many others said they were looking forward to using iOS18 on their iPhones, with one typing: “iOS 18 is bringing so many quality of life changes. I'm excited for Scheduled Messaging, customizing home icons, and ANDROID MESSAGE SUPPORT (no more random group chats all the time).”

“Really excited for iOS 18,” said another. “Lots of nice quality-of-life changes and Apple finally adding RCS support Ngl I’m just happy to finally get scheduling in iMessage and a cleaner Photos app.”

LADbible Group has previously contacted Apple for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Apple / SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty