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Woman aged 100 years old uses Apple Vision Pro to watch old footage of her dad and it’s bringing viewers to tears

Woman aged 100 years old uses Apple Vision Pro to watch old footage of her dad and it’s bringing viewers to tears

Everyone is feeling their feelings in the comment section.

Much is made of the dangers of technology, meaning it's nice to occasionally see a good news story.

After all, we see a lot of tech going wrong - but it can be really fabulous when it's used in the right way, and who better to demonstrate this than an older person who didn't grow up with gadgets and gizmos?

Apple's mixed-reality Vision Pro headset has been a heck of a gift for creators, who have been making all sorts of funky videos with it.

Michael M. Santiago / Staff / Getty

We've seen people live in it for a weekend, ride the subway in it and much more, and now YouTuber Jack Gordon - who has 615K subscribers on the platform - has gone even bigger.

He gave a large group of people across the whole spectrum of ages the chance to try the Vision Pro, starting with infants, moving through teenagers and then getting all the way to the elderly.

It's a really fun video, but things get really emotional in the last few minutes when the oldest user of the lot - who is said to be 100 years old - strapped it on.

She got to watch a video of her father as a young man using the Vision Pro's built-in video player, more intimately connecting with the footage than ever before.

You can tell how meaningful it is from the way she reacted, with a gentle: "Woah, that's my daddy."

She goes on to say that she didn't think she'd "ever seen him that close up at that age", and after some more thinking, the video ends with her making a small sigh, and saying: "Hi, Dad."

It's a lovely moment and unsurprisingly has been focused on by a decent portion of the commenters under the video (which has already hit over 900,000 views).

One person wrote: "The 100yr old made me cry, it was so sweet." Another called the ending "super impactful", which is hard to argue with.

Someone else commented, "The 'hi Dad' sent shivers down my spine. You just made her year."

Jack Gordon/YouTube

It just goes to show that, while plenty of people are justifiably questioning the Vision Pro's price tag and wondering how much you would actually use it in your day-to-day routine, as a one-off experience it can be pretty magical.

Plenty of the people in the video might never have had the chance to try the headset so close to its release, and a fair few of them even indicated that they wouldn't even have been interested in doing so.

Throughout it, the test users vote on whether the Vision Pro is good or bad for society, and the 'good for society' votes end up winning by a big margin, which is pretty reassuring.

Featured Image Credit: Jack Gordon/YouTube